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Hilary Clinton Backs Up Putin-Hitler Comparison

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton drew fire from many recently for her statements equating Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his country’s actions in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi invasions of Europe in the 1930s. Despite the criticism, Clinton is not backing down from the comments. Clinton defended her assertion of the similarities between the two …

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George W. Bush Shows off His Art to World Leaders

Who knew? President George W. Bush is a painter and he’s proud enough of his work to share his art with some of the most powerful people in the free world. Some would think a 16 hour flight with a passenger list that included President Obama, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton would get …

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Elizabeth Warren Speaks Out Against Wall Street: Too Big Too Fail Is Even Bigger?

The view that initially got Elizabeth Warren elected to the Senate, her strict criticism of Wall Street, has surfaced again in a critical speech. Throughout her political career, she has continued to challenge the big banks, and has been viewed as a hero of the people from the work that she has done. Once again, Senator Warren slammed financial regulators …

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Clinton Says Internet Can Help Free U.S. Reporters in North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling for an online campaign to help with the release of two American women journalists being held in North Korea.

Clinton made the remarks at a graduation ceremony at Barnard College, a women’s university in New York City.

"We have two young women journalists right now imprisoned in North Korea and you can get busy on the Internet and let the North Koreans know that we find that absolutely unacceptable," Clinton told the graduation ceremony.

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SEO and the Presidential Race

With the Presidential primaries well under way, it’s time for a follow-up to my March 2007 post about how the Presidential candidates rate for SEO.

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Is Hillary Abandoning Net Neutrality?

Unfortunately, Net Neutrality won’t be a make-or-break campaign issue, even if it should be. For most voters, it’s a fairly heady concept, perhaps so difficult supporters worry frontrunner Hillary Clinton is backing away from it altogether.

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‘Hilary 1984’ Video Maker Unveiled

Philip de Vellis has resigned his position with Blue State Digital after the Huffington Post unmasked him as the creator of a mashup video featuring Hilary Clinton’s image being smashed by the legendary hammer-wielding thrower in Apple’s ‘1984’ commercial.

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Politics, Glad-handing, And Social Media

Although it’s John Edwards who has made recent news over his choice of bloggers, it looks like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton have been the ones making better use of social media.

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Obama Versus Clinton – The Net Battle

Freshman Senator or former First Lady, that could be the choice Democratic primary voters face when selecting a Presidential nominee for the 2008 election. Tendencies of their demographics have begun to emerge on the Internet.

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