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Man Killed By Bear While Hiking, Say Police

Many people mistakenly think of black bears as harmless. They are much smaller than grizzly or polar bears, however this fact does not negate the reality that black bears are far from helpless. They can cause harm to humans in certain situations. As a recent tragedy demonstrates, a black bear attack can also prove fatal. Police revealed on Monday that …

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Kauai Stranded Hikers Rescued on Kalalau Trail

Fast-moving high water in a stream along the Kalalau Trail on the Hawaiian island of Kauai stranded 121 hikers from Hanakapi’ai Beach on Sunday. The Kauai Fire Department was able to launch a rescue, and completed evacuating the tourists Monday morning. After authorities were alerted of the stranded hikers, a rescue effort was coordinated at 4 p.m. The first 23 …

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Colorado Hikers: Five Killed In Deadly Rockslide

Fiver hikers in Colorado were trapped and killed on Monday, after a massive rockslide. The victims were buried under the rocks and were unable to escape. They were buried in an unstable environment, preventing emergency help from being able to retrieve them until Tuesday. What triggered the incident is not able to be determined as of yet, but the area …

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Hikers Stranded in Colorado Rescue Themselves

Two women who had been stranded in the Colorado Rockies during an ice storm walked out to safety on their own Friday after rescuers were unable to reach them. Suzanne Turell, 33, and Connie Yang, 32, are experienced mountaineers but got trapped for over two days below the Longs Peak summit. The Tumblr account set up in service of the …

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