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DUI App Lets You Play Games to Show You How Drunk You Are

Sometimes, a good dose of reality can help you make a better decision – especially when it’s the reality that you’re too drunk to beat a simple memory game. The state of Maryland is looking to crack down on DUIs with the help of a new app. It’s called ENDUI, and it’s free on both iOS and Android. The app …

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Skyway Accident Manila: Speeding Bus Kills At least 22

At least 22 people were killed Sunday morning in Manila, Philippines after a passenger bus plunged off of an elevated highway. After falling 32 feet below, the bus landed on a van in suburban Paranaque city. Although the horrific accident is still under investigation, the elevated road, also referred to as Skyway, was allegedly wet and slippery. However, there have …

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Russian Dashboard Cams Capture Some Serious Carnage on the Highways

This next video features a series of mishaps captured by automobile dashboard cameras, which are apparently very common in Russia as a means of legal protection. It actually sounds like a very good idea. I can think of a number of incidents where a dashboard camera would have come in handy. Regardless, the montage of events shows a number of …

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