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Hershey’s New Logo Accompanies Corporate Rebranding

For over 100 years The Hershey Company has been associated with American chocolate. Now the company has announced a significant corporate rebranding that includes a new logo design. According to Hershey’s announcement, the rebranding is bringing a “refreshed” corporate brand that it hopes will position the company well for the coming decades. Hershey also believes that the new branding has …

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Hershey’s New Logo: An Unfortunate Coincidence?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Or in the case of Hershey’s, a kiss is just a kiss. At least, that’s what the company told itself when it made the logical decision to bring its logo into the 21st century. The new version is completely drawn, using colors easily associated with their chocolate products: brown, white, and silver/grey. There’s …

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Facebook Group Used To Make Hershey Act On Child Slavery

Child slavery is a tragic world plague especially in Africa where the chocolate industry is booming. Monday, January 31st marked the day the Hershey company made its commitment to buy slave-free cocoa for its chocolate, meaning that the cocoa attained was not harvested by child slaves. Hershey’s was recently being pressured by social media buzz about The chocolate giant; a …

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