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Elijah Blue Allman Talks About His Heroin Addiction

Elijah Blue Allman, age 37, is the son of the legendary rocker Gregg Allman, of the Allman Brothers Band and Cher, who were married during the 70’s. In Gregg’s recent biography, “My Cross To Bear” he reveals his addiction to alcohol, heroin and other drugs. It was the catalyst to his break-up with Cher as she wasn’t willing to deal …

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Quit Smoking – But Don’t Use E-Cigarettes

Experts claim that smoking is an addiction similar to a heroine addiction because nicotine is just as difficult to quit. The premise behind quitting cigarettes, aside from the health benefits from quitting now, is that the biggest percentage of smoking is habit. The phone rings, a smoker picks up a cig, a cup of coffee stimulates the habit to smoke, …

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