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Monster Chicken Dinosaurs Were Real

What do you get when you cross Randy Macho Man Savage, Beyoncé’s thighs, a wild chicken, and the unimaginable face of pure excitement from the bowels of hell? Why, you’d get the “chicken from hell”, a newly identified feathered dinosaur species found in North America. Roaming around the Cretaceous era 66 million years ago peaks the ugly head of Anzu …

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Did Mariah Carey Call Nicki Minaj Satan?

It seems that Mariah Carey may be singing a happy tune about the end of her contributions as a judge on American Idol. In an interview with Angie Martinez of the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97, Carey described her experience on American Idol as “going to work everyday… in Hell with Satan.” But which American Idol co-worker is Carey calling …

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