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$1 Million Apple Heist Takes Place On New Years In Paris

A $1 million Apple heist seems like a terrible plot out of the next Ocean’s 11 imitator, but such a theft actually did occur over the New Years holiday. In fact, the heist shared a number of similarities with Hollywood blockbusters due to how well the crime was organized and executed. CNN reports that four armed robbers made their way …

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Bellagio Robbery Involved Pepper Spray, Poor Planning

Bellagio robbery perpetrated by two would-be criminals came to a screeching halt over the weekend after hotel employees nabbed the duo before their plan could properly unfold. When you’re attempting to rip off one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, chances are you’re going to need something a bit more elaborate than a pepper spray snatch-and-grab scheme. Hasn’t big-budget …

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