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Lauryn Hill Sells Out Brooklyn Concert After Kicking Out Heckler In Chicago

Nobody likes a heckler, least of all Lauryn Hill. The way a performer deals with a heckler is an art form in and of itself. Truly great performers deal with hecklers in ways that make the audience remember the experience forever. Is Lauryn Hill a truly great performer? She threw out a heckler on July 16th, and we are still …

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Obama Interrupted By Heckler During Immigration Speech

President Obama was heckled on Monday by a young man during his speech on immigration reform in San Fransisco. The young man was calling on the president to stop deportation. “Mr. Obama, my family has been separated for 19 months now!” yelled a young man who stood with others behind the president. Obama continued to speak but the young man did …

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President Obama Heckled During Recent Speeches

Apparently, this is the week to get your two cents in with Obama: During a speech given at Ohio State University, President Obama had to deal with hecklers, as respect for the position he holds continues to erode in the eyes of those who believe differently. The Commander in Chief had to deal with audience member interruptions one more than …

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Russell Brand Destroys Heckler During Stand-Up Show

Russell Brand isn’t someone you’d want to mess with. Take, for instance, his over-the-top reaction to a paparazzo’s attempt to snap a pic of him using an iPhone. Instead of asking the guy to shove off, Brand snatched the phone from the would-be photographer and tossed it through a nearby window. Like I said, this isn’t the sort of individual …

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