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Rosh Hashanah The Beginning of The Year

A new year begins when the sun sets today. Rosh Hashanah is the famous Jewish holiday that literally marks the “head/first of the year” and symbolizes a period of reflection and hope for achieving personal improvements to live a renewed …

Google Sites Goes Hebrew and Arabic
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Google has introduced Google Sites in Hebrew and Arabic. This makes 40 languages that Google Sites now supports.

To change the language in Google Sites, simply go to More Actions > Manage Site > General. Site Collaborators can change the language of the interface by going to the user settings page from the My Sites list. If no language is set, Google uses the browser language setting.

Google Sites

Facebook Introduces Arabic And Hebrew Versions
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It doesn’t look like Facebook’s international growth rate is going to taper off anytime soon.  Huge numbers of people will find the social network easier to access as of today, since Arabic and Hebrew versions of the site have been introduced.