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O’Hare Plane Skids Onto Grass After Landing

Today in Chicago and the surrounding areas, there was a lot of heavy rain that impacted travel; however, with Chicago notorious for its treacherous weather (especially in the winter time), O’Hare Airport, one of America’s busiest airports, is always ready for the worst scenarios. Today, O’Hare responded promptly as a commercial airliner skidded off one of its runways. According to …

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Colorado Helicopters: Rescue Operations Back On

The death toll continues to rise as the dangerous flood makes its way through Colorado. Helicopters were sent in to help the victims of the flood, but have since been grounded due to the heavy rain and clouds in the area. Many people have been displaced from their homes because of the devastating storm and some have even gone missing. …

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Colorado Road Closures Present Dangers

The devastating floods have led to multiple power failures, cancellations of recreational sporting events, and even, in many cases, there have been counties experiencing periodic flash-flood watches. These difficulties are not the only concerns residents have confronted as a result of the dangerous floods. Travelers have also suffered from the weather-inflicted damage. Businesses needing to utilize transportation on the roads …

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Japan Typhoon Man-Yi Surfaces, Endangering Fukushima

Typhoon Man-Yi has hit southern Japan causing fears that the Fukushima nuclear plant may be impacted. Man-Yi is the 18th typhoon this season, bringing heavy rains and officials are warning citizens in different parts of the country of flooding and very strong winds. Central Japan Railway Co. temporarily suspended their bullet-train services near Tokyo as the vicious typhoon quickly approached …

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Typhoon Utor Touches Ground in the Philippines

Typhoon Utor (referred to as Typhoon Labuyo in the Philippines) hit ground in the northern region of the Philippines at 150 mph around 3 a.m. on Monday, August 12, 2013 local time. Powerful winds, heavy rain, and life-threatening flooding are expected as part of this storm where the northern island of Luzon is expected to receive the brunt of activity. …

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