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Your Bitching Was Justified: July Was Officially the Hottest Month on Record

If your experience was similar to mine, your Facebook news feeds and Twitter streams during July were inundated with posts complaining about the friggin’ heat. It wasn’t just my friends, as I’m guilty as anyone else. I’m usually a pansy when it comes to heat, but this summer has taken things to a new, hellacious level. And now, there’s scientific …

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Buckled Road Causes Car To Go Airborne, Video Goes Viral

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been “hot AF” in the United States, and while that always makes for fun social media feed reading and humorous weather reports, the stifling heat can also be a hazard to those operating a motor vehicle, especially if it’s so hot, it causes the asphalt covering the roadway to crack and buckle, creating a …

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Heatwave Causes Road To Buckle, Car Goes Airborne

During the heatwave that’s spread across most of the U.S. in the past couple of weeks–with temperatures soaring into the 100’s in several states–crops have begun to die, wildfires have spread, and roads have actually started to buckle and shift. No one is more aware of that than the driver of this SUV, who was caught on a phone’s camera …

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Hot AF Twitter Trend Sums Up The Mood Of The Country

It’s hot outside. Really, really hot. As with most trends, the modern news cycle is all over it as the nation desperately looks for ways to get out of the stifling heat. Hell, even local area weather reports are having fun with the ridiculous heat. Just ask Neatorama: You might think the folks at CBS 6 Virginia are exaggerating, but …

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