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Extreme Heat Halts 2014 Australian Open

While extreme cold temperatures blasted many parts of the United States this winter, Australia is seeing record-breaking high temperatures as many regions of the “land down under” reach above 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). With these temperatures being so high, it does a take toll on the tennis players who play outside in this year’s Australian Open, held in Melbourne, Australia. On …

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China Heat Wave Causes Deaths, Ruins Crops

A record-breaking heat wave has sent people across China running for their local pool and even caves as they try to escape the dangerously high temperatures. Temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit have plagued numerous cities for the past week. The heat has been blamed for dozens of human deaths, as well as numerous dead fish found in lakes, and …

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Death Valley Temps Hit Records During Heat Wave

Summer has officially begun, and in some places across the U.S. temperatures are reaching record highs. In the hottest areas of the country, temperatures are even reaching dangerous levels. This weekend, Death Valley National Park issued a warning that the temperature measured in Death Valley on Saturday may have reached 127 degrees Fahrenheit . Today, the National Park Service announced …

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Power Outages Leave Millions Without Electricity

Power outages caused by a series of extremely powerful storms on Friday has left more than two million people without electricity. This, of course, wouldn’t necessarily be a huge problem were it not for the recent wave of overwhelming heat that has plague the States over the past week. As many people attempt to cope with the relentless temperatures, officials …

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Heat Wave: Hundreds of Heat Records Broken

On the east coast it’s getting close to quitting time, and if you haven’t stepped outside this afternoon, prepare for a warm surprise. And by warm, I mean ludicrously hot. People often say “it’s like an oven out there” when the weather gets toasty, but this time it isn’t an exaggeration. It feels like you are baking internally if you …

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