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ABC News Expands Online Health Offerings

ABC News Digital said today it is working with Healthline Networks to provide users with interactive medical and health tools on it broadcast website.

The improved health site will feature advanced search technology and content to help users find the information they need to manage their health and wellness.

"Healthline now provides a growing suite of advanced health information technologies to more than 40 top-tier companies, across almost every sector in consumer healthcare," said West Shell III, Chairman & CEO of Healthline Networks.

Healthline Palpitates Healthcare Ad Market

The newly launched HealthSTAT network seeks a piece of the growing online advertising market for healthcare interests online.

Healthline Jogs With Aetna On Portal

Insurer Aetna tapped Healthline to provide a platform for Aetna’s customers to find answers to questions about coverage, physicians, and medications.

Ask Makes Smart Answers Healthier

Health-related information from Healthline populates the Smart Answers field in Ask’s search results as an enhancement to the search engine’s ability to handle health queries.

Healthline Receives $21 Million Injection

In a manner of speaking, Healthline is looking especially robust today – it just received $21 million in financing.  And if, like me, you often aren’t acquainted with the names of financial backers, you should still recognize the entity that was behind this gift: GE/NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund.

Healthline Give USNews A Shot In The Arm

Searching for information about health issues online can be a confusing experience. Healthline Networks would like to change that. They have teamed with USNews.com to offer them health information services on their site.

Google Looks To Improve Health Search
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When searching for health information online, it’s hard to know what sites are trustworthy. Google has a system for marking authoritative results, but by the company’s own admission most users are unaware of how to interpret the indicators. So how can the experience of searching for health-related information be improved?

Live Search Defines Place In Dictionary

The online Merriam-Webster dictionary includes alternate links for more information about a term; among those links, visitors can find one going to Microsoft’s Windows Live Search.

Healthline Launches Symptom Search
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Especially for the hypochondriac in all of us, Healthline.com unveiled its new Symptom Search product this week. The "search-driven symptom exploration tool" pulls data from the Centers for Disease Control and from medical reference libraries.

In all, says the company, 3,500 symptoms and 900 diseases are documented. Healthline says that’s ten times the number of symptoms covered by WebMD or MayoClinic.

Kosmix, Healthline Had Death Cap Cure

Our earlier story about a doctor in California who turned to Google Scholar to find a treatment for death cap mushroom poisoning has an interesting coda: he wasted too much time on the Big G.

Kosmix Health Search Goes Alpha

A new health topic search engine that will compete with Healthline and established sites like WebMD has launched as an early public test.

YourDoctor Resurrected As Healthline

The former YourDoctor.com, which chewed through $24 million in its pre-dot com bust days, will reappear officially as Healthline, a search engine for consumer health care.