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Vitamin D Supplements May Help Reduce Injury During Falls

Vitamin D supplements may help reduce injury in those who are prone to falls, according to a recent study. Falls are one of the leading causes of injury in older adults, though a dedicated exercise regimen and vitamin supplements could help decrease the risk of permanent damage. In fact, nearly 40 percent of individuals over the age of 65 fall …

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Brain Tapeworms: More Common Than You Might Think

Brain tapeworms sound disgusting. Well, that’s because they are. In a recent article published by Discover Magazine, the parasites are discussed at-length, so much so that you may find yourself second-guessing every single piece of food that enters your mouth. In this day and age where cockroaches and severed fingers are unknowingly served to us by major restaurant chains, it’s …

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Calcium Supplements Could Pose Heart Risks

It’s easy to get enough calcium these days. Dairy products are often fortified with the stuff. The elderly, especially post-menopausal women are often advised to take calcium supplements to increase bone health. However, a European study published this week in the journal Heart has suggested that, instead of improving cardiovascular health, calcium supplements may raise your risk of heart attack. …

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Pep up your productivity [Infographic]

If you feel sluggish and lazy at work, this next one’s for you. It comes to us from and features some excellent ways to put some pizazz back in your workday and possibly make your boss a little happier with your performance at the same time. Did you know that exercise can have a great impact on how you …

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Sleep Apnea: Disorder Linked to Higher Cancer Death

Sleep apnea, a disorder which occurs when breathing is interrupted during slumber, has been linked to increased chances of cancer death in human beings. According to a recent study, those suffering from severe apnea — 30 or more instances in an hour of sleep — were at a much higher risk to die from cancer than those without. The study, …

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Don’t Check Your Email While Reading This – It Will Save Your Life

Are you one of those types that has a strict policy of not checking your work email when you’re not at work? If you are, good on you because you’re doing you and your heart a huge favor. In fact, you could do yourself an even bigger favor by not checking your work email so much when you’re also at …

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Jogging Can Add Years to Your Life: Twitter Reacts

Fact: I hate to exercise. Hate it with a passion. However, despite my unbridled disdain for breaking a sweat, I do so because, if I don’t, my weight will skyrocket out of control. I try to get in at least 60 minutes a day, five days a week, though I have been known to skip a workout if I’m feeling …

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Fighting Diabetes Via Text Messaging

One of the best uses of technology isn’t when some pressed-pants goon comes out and dazzles the technorati with another gadget that they’ve convinced themselves that they need. It’s when someone (or a group of someones) manage to find an innovative use of this technology to actually improve the quality of people’s lives in a meaningful way. D.C. Charter Health …

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New Drug May Cure Common Cold

As we start to approach allergy season here in the United States, many people will start to acquire the common cold. When people are infected with the common cold, there is only one thought on their minds “I want this gone now!” For temporary relief, there are various antibiotics on the market that help relieve symptoms to help you feel …

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Breast Cancer: If You Drink One Glass a Day You Increase Your Risk

A recent study indicates that if you have one alcoholic beverage a day you increase you likelihood of getting breast cancer by four percent. That risk skyrockets to 50 percent for individuals who consume three or more drinks per day. These findings come from researchers in Germany, France, and Italy who have been reviewing data on the causal link. Helmut …

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Robin Gibb Endures Another Surgery

Bee Gees Singer, Robin Gibb, suffers from a congenital defect that causes his intestines to twist. This same condition killed his twin brother Maurice at the age of 53. Despite announcing that his health had improved since he got a mass surgically removed from his colon, his publicist has recently reported that he had to cancel a number of appearances …

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Quit Smoking And Win Free Cigarettes?

In what seems like the most ridiculous anti-smoking campaign to date, Phillip-Morris is offering free cigarettes to smokers who feature the best tips on how they quit the habit. I am not serious, of course, but I would not put it past them. Seriously, we have known that cigarettes and tobacco are killing us for decades and yet the habit …

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Eating Red Meat Will Buy You a Ticket to an Earlier Grave

A longitudinal study (22 years) from Harvard, Red Meat Consumption and Mortality, indicates that consuming red meat is associated with an increased likelihood of dying prematurely. Researchers are encouraging people to substitute other healthy protein sources for red meat. But what is the 4th of July without a nice juicy cheeseburger? How can we give up those mouth-watering medium-rare Delmonico …

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Desk Job Death: How Your Workday Is Killing You Softly & Slowly

Did you ever hear the one about the brazen bull? As execution methods go, it’s one of the more gruesome methods you’re going to come across. The apparatus involved a hollow, bronze statue of a bull with a panel door on the side so that the condemned could be stuffed into the belly of the bull. Once the condemned was …

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Exclusive: More On Google’s New Health Search Results

As previously reported, Google is rolling out a new search feature that adds a box of quick answer-type results for health-related queries. In the official announcement on the Inside Search blog, Roni Zeiger made a point to say, “The list is not authored by doctors and of course is not advice from medical experts.” Given the importance of search relevancy …

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Google Health Search “Improvements” Announced

Google announced today that it has made efforts to improve the quality of health-related searches. Google’s Chief Health Strategist, Roni Zeiger, MD, writes on Google’s Inside Search Blog: Every day, people search on Google for health information. Many of these searches relate to symptoms they or their loved ones may be experiencing. You might be trying to understand why you’ve …

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Garrett McNamara: I Have Underwater Superpowers

Garrett McNamara is a world record holder for surfing the biggest wave in the world. The wave, which stood a gigantic 90 feet, is a monster in itself, but Garrett feels he can break his old record. Garrett has a special suit that allows him to breath underwater. On the suit lies a special pouch that can be filled …

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SmokefreeTXT Helps You Quit Smoking With Encouraging Texts

If there is one simple truth that everyone who has ever picked up a cigarette knows, it’s this: quitting is a huge pain in the ass. Anyone who has ever attempted and failed can attest to that, and everyone who has attempted and succeeded knows that people get through it in unique ways. The National Cancer Institute, with the help …

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Health Risks of Cell Phones [Infographic]

You always here about how cell phones may cause cancer, and disputes that they don’t. But what about other potetnail health risks of mobile devices? Mezzmer has put out the following infographic looking at how mobile devices might be impacting your body:

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Google Health: Now’s The Time To Get Your Data

Google just announced that it’s shutting down a handful of its offerings. Back in June, Google announced that it would be shutting down Google Health the first of the new year. Now, Google is sending a friendly reminder out to users. Here’s the email: This is an important Google Health service announcement. You are receiving this email because you have …

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Microsoft Looks to Scoop Up Health Data Following Shut Down of Google Health

Microsoft just announced that Google Health users can transfer their data to Microsoft HealthVault. This can be done with Direct Project messaging protocols established by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, the company says. HealthVault lets users store and transfer info between various health-related applications, devices, and services. Google announced last month that it would discontinuing Google …

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Health Issues Drive Online Connections

Nearly 20 percent (18%) of U.S. Internet users have gone online to find others with similar health issues, according to a new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

The number increases to 23 percent among Internet users who are living with a chronic disease.




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Online Health Searches Popular Among Internet Users

The majority (80%) of U.S. Internet users look for health information, making it the third most popular online activity, following email and using a search engine, according to a new report by the Pew Internet Project.

The most likely groups to look online for health information include: caregivers, women, whites, younger adults, and adults with at least some college education. The groups least likely to look online for health information include: African Americans, Latinos, people living with disability, older adults, and adults with a high school education or less.

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eBay Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, eBay is asking people to sell, buy or donate through its eBay Giving Works program.

eBay Giving Works allows buyers and sellers to support nonprofits by selling an item and donating a portion of the proceeds.

“In fact, for the value of every laptop sold this month through Giving Works, one uninsured patient could get a mammogram,” said Robert Chatwani, Director eBay Global Citizenship.

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Google Health Gets More Useful, More Personalized

Google has announced a new design and some new features for Google Health. The company says this comes as the result of feedback from users who want easier data tracking and more personalization. 

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Google and Bing Launch Health Map Applications

Today both Google and Bing released some health-related map applications. These releases coincide with the Institute of Medicine and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hosting their Community Health Data Forum event.

Google’s contribution includes a Google Fusion Tables project and customized map showing information from HHS. For example, you can see a map of "heart friendly" and "people friendly" hospitals.

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FDA Partners With On Health Information

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said today it is partnering with medication information site to expand access to the FDA’s consumer health information. is focused on providing people with information to better manage their own health care and to assist in reducing medical errors. The site attracts more than 12 million unique visitors each month.

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WebMD Becomes More Social

WebMD has launched WebMD Health Exchange, a new health social networking platform.

WebMD Health exchange allows people to connect with health experts and other WebMD members to share experiences, discuss personal challenges, and receive answers and support.

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New Text Campaign Aims To Inform Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers now have a new resource for health information with the launch of text4baby.

The new free mobile health service offers timely and expert health information through text messages to pregnant women and new moms through their babies’ first year.

The text4baby initiative is a partnership between the U.S. government and a number of corporate sponsors including all the major wireless carriers.

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Google Shows Flu Trends for 121 Cities in the U.S.

Microsoft is not the only one with some new offerings in the way of health search today. Google has added a slew of new cities to its Flu Trends product. The move is timed well, as the company acknowledges that it is National Influenza Vaccination Week.

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Bing Gets New Health Search Features

Today Microsoft announced some new health search capabilities for its Bing search engine. The "decision engine" is now providing more content from new partners and instant answers with "hard-to-discover data", the company says.

Users can find instant, specialized information about illnesses, treatments, medical facilities, etc. when entering health-related queries.

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