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Pelosi/Boehner Photo Goes Viral Thanks To Twitter

Thursday was a landmark day for some people as the Supreme Court voted 5-4 in favor of upholding President Obama’s health care initiative, which would make Medicaid available for tens of thousands of people and change the rules about pre-existing conditions for all health care providers. The catch is that it would also make individual insurance mandatory for every U.S. …

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Health Care Decision: Sarah Palin One Of Many Politicians Tweeting

Sarah Palin has never been known to hold her tongue, particularly when it comes to President Obama and his initiatives, and she took to Twitter about a half hour ago to voice her opinion about the surprising and controversial vote made by the Supreme Court today to uphold Obama’s health care initiative. Of course, she was not alone. Thousands of …

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Health Care Decision: Twitter Reacts With Fervor

In a groundbreaking decision today from the Supreme Court, President Obama’s individual healthcare mandate was voted to be upheld 5-4. The mandate will require everyone to buy health insurance or face a fine, including employers who have over 50 employees. The controversial law–which would see non-health insurance holders pay about a 1% tax as a penalty–will make Medicaid available to …

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