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Twitter’s New Profile Goes Universal on Dec 12

Back in September, Twitter unveiled a brand new look from user profiles across all platforms. The new profiles included a large header photo that mimicked Facebook’s giant Timeline photo, and housed the users’ profile pic inside it. Today, Twitter says that no matter what, all users will have the new profile look by Wednesday, December 12th. And since you’re going …

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Fake Verified Accounts Aided by Twitter’s New Header Photo

It’s nothing new for Twitter users to fake verification status, but Twitter’s recent profile redesign is making it easier and more convincing. Reddit user replicated spotted the trick, which uses Twitter’s new header photo layout to mimic the look of official verified accounts. And here’s a real verified profile: You can easily distinguish a real verified account from a fake …

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Twitter Reminds You to Upload a Header Photo with an Animation

Back in September, Twitter unveiled a pretty significant redesign of user profiles which gave you three different photos to worry about: your profile picture, your header photo, and your background image. The header photo is that giant new option that encompasses your profile pic, and the background image displays on the “whitespace” surrounding your stream. Once a user uploads these …

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