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Sony Releasing Waterproof Handicam This Month

The handheld cam kind of took a huge hit when Cisco Systems bought and subsequently shut down Flip Video in 2011. Some people thought it was because smart phones are taking over and they all have cameras on them. But only a small fraction of phones sold worldwide are smart phones and even fewer have HD cameras in them. So …

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The Best Apps for the New IPad Retina Display

The new iPad officially went on sale today, and if the long lines outside electronics stores are any indication, sales should be huge. Unfortunately, not ever app on the market is iPad retina display ready. Apple has upgraded theirs, but that’s to be expected. Some third party apps have not been lucky enough to get things ready for the release. …

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Ratchet And Clank HD Collection Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Insomniac Games, like Naughty Dog, has been a staunch supporter of the PlayStation platform since their major debut with Spyro the Dragon. They really got their start, however, with Ratchet and Clank on the PlayStation 2 in 2002. Sony has something special planned for the 10th anniversary of everybody‚Äôs favorite Lombax and robot duo. Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac Games, …

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New, Cheaper iPad 2 to Launch With iPad 3?

The latest leaks anticipate a newer, slimmer, cheaper version of the iPad 2 will launch today along with the much anticipated iPad 3, aka iPad HD. Digitimes is reporting the cheaper iPad will rival other budget tablet models like the Kindle Fire and the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. The site is reporting that the new tablet will include a 8GB …

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iPad HD to Rival Ultrabooks in Key Features

IPad HD, aka iPad 3, may prove to bring tablets to the forefront of the laptop market. Boasting a super high-resolution display, built in 4G LTE, and faster graphics silicon, all in a smaller lighter package, it’s easy to see the appeal. And with so many keyboard peripherals already on the market for the previous iPad, laptops and ultrabooks will …

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Defense Zone Game Now In HD For iPad

The creators of Defense Zone, a popular tower defense game, have announced the release of its new HD version for iPad2. In the new HD version, players can enjoy detailed backdrops with different types of landscapes, which can be used in defense schemes. Attacks of enemy units are generated by a special algorithm, which makes each attack more challenging than …

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