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YouTube Really Pushing HD Videos Now
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A couple months ago, people began noticing that some YouTube videos came with an option to watch them in high-definition. YouTube had not made any official announcements about it, but now they are promoting HD videos on the site’s home page.

YouTube Unveils High Definition Category Page

YouTube now has a page listing videos specifically available in high definition. Also, these HD videos now open in a larger player than before, pushing features like comments, the ad box, or related videos down the page a bit. Note you still need to click “watch in HD” when on the video page.

YouTube in HD – What A Concept
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I have not seen any official announcements yet, but YouTube looks to be venturing into High-Definition territory, a place where its competitors are already residing. Meghan Keane at Wired writes:

YouTube’s Steve Chen Speaks About HD

A major sign pointing to this emerged last week, but now we’re (literally) talking: YouTube cofounder Steve Chen has confirmed that the video-sharing site is interested in showing HD video.