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YouTube About to Become Higher Quality
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YouTube has doubled the size of what users are now able to upload at a time. Until now, users were only able to upload 1GB, and now they can upload 2GB. This means longer videos with higher resolutions.

YouTube product manager Ryan Junee also points out that users can upload large HD files directly from their cameras. Essentially this means, we will start seeing a lot more quality (at least picture-wise) videos on YouTube.

Zune Adds Key Compatibility Features

Microsoft announced that it will open its Zune video service to the Xbox LIVE this Fall. Microsoft also unvieled its newest portable media player, the Zune HD. Designed to compete with the popular iPod Touch, the Zune HD combines built-in an mp3 and video players, an HD radio receiver, HD video output, an OLED touch screen, Wi-Fi and an internet browser.More details:

Flickr Opens Up Video To All Users
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Flickr has announced it is extending the ability to upload video to all of its users, previously only Pro members could add video clips.

The videos can be up to 90 seconds long and free members can upload two videos per month, in addition to their 100MB monthly photo upload limit.

YouTube Really Pushing HD Videos Now
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A couple months ago, people began noticing that some YouTube videos came with an option to watch them in high-definition. YouTube had not made any official announcements about it, but now they are promoting HD videos on the site’s home page.

YouTube Unveils High Definition Category Page

YouTube now has a page listing videos specifically available in high definition. Also, these HD videos now open in a larger player than before, pushing features like comments, the ad box, or related videos down the page a bit. Note you still need to click “watch in HD” when on the video page.

YouTube in HD – What A Concept
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I have not seen any official announcements yet, but YouTube looks to be venturing into High-Definition territory, a place where its competitors are already residing. Meghan Keane at Wired writes:

YouTube’s Steve Chen Speaks About HD

A major sign pointing to this emerged last week, but now we’re (literally) talking: YouTube cofounder Steve Chen has confirmed that the video-sharing site is interested in showing HD video.