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Americans Still Hate Cable Companies More Than Everything

YouGov recently asked 9,000 people a simple question about 1,200 different brands in 43 different sectors – Are you a satisfied customer? They then used the responses to rank each industry in terms of average satisfaction score. Guess which industry came in dead last? If you said the erectile dysfunction industry, well, you need to get a better boner pill. …

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Comcast Wants to Put Its Logo Atop 30 Rock in Attempt to Become Black Hole of American Hatred

At 30 Rockefeller plaza stands one of New York City’s most recognizable skyscrapers. Hoisted atop the 70-story home of NBC offices and studios sits a giant GE logo. But you’d be more likely to hear the building called ’30 Rock’ or even the ‘RCA Building’ – the former due to its address, of course, and the latter due to its …

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