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Customized Content Makes Users Uncomfortable
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A majority (59%) of U.S. adults are not comfortable when Web sites like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft use information about a person’s online activity to target ads or content based on a person’s interests, according to a new survey from Harris Interactive and Dr. Alan F. Westin, Professor of Public Law and Government Emeritus at Columbia University.

More People Comfortable With Mobile Banking

Mobile phone users are becoming more comfortable making banking and purchase transactions while on-the-go according to a new study from Harris Interactive.

The study found that 16 percent of mobile phone subscribers currently use mobile banking services, with 60 percent doing so at least once a week. Thirty-five percent of those who do not use mobile banking or buy on-the-go are interested in checking bank account balances and transferring funds using their mobile devices. Thirty-three percent said they would like to receive text messages from their banks.

More TV Viewers Watching Online Videos

More television viewers are going online to watch videos, films and TV episodes according to a new poll from Harris Interactive.

YouTube has expanded its lead as a site for online video viewing, while search engines and TV network sites are holding their own. Online video viewership has increased overall in the past year (81% versus 74%). Approximately 65 percent of the 2,455 U.S. adults surveyed say they have watched a video on YouTube, compared to 42 percent during the same time last year.

Online Scams Up 166 Percent
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Okay, ladies, here’s something you poke fun of the men with: While more men than women claim to be well-informed about online scams, more men have fallen victim to them than women.

Consumers Put Vista On Hold
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Since its launch on January 30th of this year, Windows Vista has been met with lukewarm fanfare by analysts and consumers alike. According to a Harris Interactive poll, only 12 percent of those who are aware of Vista actually plan to upgrade to the new operating system.

Study Examines Video Game “Addiction”

Harris Interactive has released a report documenting its findings from a recent study evaluating the prevalence of video game addiction among youth. There is skepticism, however, surrounding how Harris defined the term “addiction” when conducting the survey.

It looks like Harris Interactive has finally managed to accomplish a feat that has baffled physical and mental health professionals for decades; they have defined addiction.