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Andrew Mason’s New Motivational Business Album Is Now Available

As promised, now available for your streaming pleasure (on iTunes, Spotify, and a few other services) is Hardly Workin’, ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s album of what he calls “motivational business music.” It’s a seven-track album that runs just a little over 23 minutes, featuring songs like “My Door Is Always Open,” “Risin’ Above the Pack,” and “K.I.S.S.” “This album pulls …

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This Guy Put Out An Andrew Mason Album Before Andrew Mason

As you may have heard, former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason is putting out a seven-track album of “motivational business music” called Hardly Workin’. It’s set to drop on July 2nd, and the album cover and track listing were just released. We now have word that somebody has already beat him to the punch in the new sub-genre of Andrew Mason …

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Ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason’s Motivational Business Album Drops July 2nd

We’re happy to tell you that ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason has announced an official release date for this 7-track album of motivational business music. Hardly Workin’ officially drops on July 2nd, “just in time for American audiences to incorporate into Fourth of July festivities,” says Mason. It will be available to stream on Spotify and available for purchase on iTunes …

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