Hard Articles

Soft Skills Bring Hard Results in Business, Study Shows

According to an article in the August issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Americans have one of the most emotionally distant work cultures in the world. Why are you not surprised?

Do You Have A Hard Time Trusting People?

Do you want to trust them? Do you know how to trust them? How can you trust that you know how to trust them?

Really, it’s very simple. It is like a *recipe*, so pay close attention.

RedHat and USB devices

I started to use RedHat 7.3. Although it has come a long way and I really like how all the Linux Distributions are turning out, RedHat 7.3 makes me mad for only a few reasons:

Damashi Peer Review – Lose The Hard Sell

My first impression when viewing the Damashi site is how “sales copy” it looks. I appreciate the need for good sales ad, but when I’m looking to purchase something online, I don’t need a hard sale.

Are You Trying Too Hard To Measure Ad Effectiveness?

Even the most hardnosed bean counter will agree that marketing and advertising are essential to business success.

3.2v4.2 System Recovery


I was called in recently to help with the recovery of an old SCO 3.2v4.2 system that had crashed. The crash had initially been caused by a power supply failure, but after replacing that hardware, the machine would not boot – it just hung after the kernel i/o buffers message. As a common cause for that is simply a missing or damaged inittab, I thought we might be able to fix it by booting from floppies and doing a manual repair. Unfortunately, there were no emergency boot floppies.

Backing Up Is So Hard To Do!

How many times have you said it? “I have got to back up my information!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said it in this last year since buying my new computer. Why, I even bought the one with CD Write on it just so I could “back up” my information!

I’ve written articles, sent out newsletters, sent and received a ton of e-mail messages, created a bunch of folders, written an e-book, created an information booklet and even added my web site folders! Life is good!

Choosing A Product Type that Sells

Listen up: Choosing a product is the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION you will make in your online business. Here’s why: The product you choose will determine your market, your inventory, your expenses, your advertising. Everything you do online will hinge on what you choose.

So, how do you know what to choose? Well, I have written thousands of words on defining a market niche and finding a product to market TO that niche. You can read many of those articles in the “past issues” section of my online ezine:

Playing “hard to get” … the Scarcity Mindset and it’s Phenomonal Results

Believe it or not, the more “unattainable” you make your product or service, the greater the desire is for people to buy from you – if executed correctly, of course.

How Hard Is It To Get Guaranteed Sales From Guaranteed Visitors ?

You will certainly have come across one of those “guaranteed visitors” deals already. Ads like : “Do you need traffic ? We’ll send 50,000 or even 100,000 visitors to your site – starting today” promise the solution to every webmaster’s nightmare about not getting enough visitors to his web site. Most of the times, these visitors are delivered in the form of pop-unders at high traffic sites.

Let’s suppose you’re an Internet marketer and you’re selling a $20 ebook. Then they make nice strategic numbers’ games like : If only 1% of those 50,000 bought your $20 ebook, you would make $10,000 from an investment of, let me say $180. If Internet marketing was that easy then why are the “gurus” telling us how important it is to get TARGETED traffic?

10 Hard Hitting Tips For Increasing Your Sales!

1. Persuade your visitors to like you. People buy from people they like. You could tell them a joke, give them a compliment, give them a freebie, etc.