Hard Articles

Publishers: Rock; Advertisers: Hard Place

Some ado was made recently about Google AdSense sensitivity filters blocking revenue-generating ads based on the nature of the content, and replacing those spots with public service announcements. There is additional concern that publishers will refrain from hard-hitting content to protect that revenue. We got in touch with Google to their side of it.

ad:tech Chicago 2006 – Day Two Roundup

Day two of ad:tech Chicago rounded up with a sigh. With all the parties Monday night, I think some of the attendees were looking forward to the end of the day.

AOL Adds Closed Captioning For Video
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AOL is testing closed captions for streaming news content from CNN aimed at enhancing the online media experience for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. The captioned content will be available through all AOL channels, which includes its network, service, Web portal and video portal.

Borders Such as Advertising and PR Hard to Define

It has occurred to me these past few months that it’s far harder to define borders today than ever before.

MSFT Beta Testing Too Hard?

Rob La Gesse wrote me a very constructive email today about how difficult beta testing Microsoft’s products is. Instead of emailing it around I asked him “could you blog it?”

Why is it Hard to Innovate?

Why is it hard to innovate? What are the obstacles for innovation? Why is innovation success rate is so little? This paper is aimed at discussing these questions on an academic level.

Microsoft Pushing Hard In Business Market

An aggressive push by Microsoft with its Dynamics products has seen it grow its placement of CRM seat licenses in the enterprise and unveiled a few initiatives aimed at the small-to-medium business (SMB) market.

Google to Offer Online Hard Drive?

Lots of people jumping on the rumor that Google may be set to launch an online hard drive service, after slides alluded to such at the recent Google Analyst Day.

Oracle Buys Berkeley DB, Sleepycat Software

Wow, the rumors were true. Oracle is snapping up Open Source Database companies now.

4 Gigabyte Hard Drive For Xbox 360

What’s the point of this? A 4GB portable hard drive for the Xbox 360, selling for 74.99, about $133.

Listen to Your Hard Drive and Weep

Weird noises from your hard drive and you’re not sure what they mean?

Eighth Of Internet Likes Fifths Of Hard Cider

iTunes users made up 14 percent of the active Internet population in December 2005, reports Nielsen/NetRatings. It turns out most are aspiring yuppies, preferring Volkswagens and hard cider to good old fashioned Chevies and Budweiser.

Seagate Ships Vertical Hard Drives…

Scotts Valley, California-based Seagate Technology shipped their latest tiny, high-powered offering in the form of the Momentus. The new drive touts Seagate’s perpendicular recording system. This takes the notebook drive capacity to 160 gigabytes, up from the 120 gigs.

Bloggers Commit: New Years Resolutions 2006
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New Years Resolutions are a staple of life. As the calendar changes from the old year to new, people get the urge to turn a page in their own lives.

Xbox Media Center Too Hard For Most?

Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research has an article about the Xbox 360’s Media Center capabilities, and declares that, "[m]ost consumers simply will either lack the technology or skills to make this thing connect properly".

TypePad Customers Get an Offer That’s Hard to Refuse

As many TypePad users know, the hosted blog service has been a literal nightmare to use in recent months.

The Week That Was

Insane. That’s probably the best word I can use to describe this week. The second annual Web 2.0 conference has reached its close and while hanging out at the conference …

Following On-Line Conversations is Hard Work!

“Markets are conversations” That phrase comes from the Cluetrain Manifesto and appears frequently in blog postings and comments.

RSS Works: Hard Metrics to Prove It

Marketers are constantly asking if RSS marketing works and if this can be proved.

Samsung Flash Drives May Replace Hard Disks

Beginning in August, the Korean electronics manufacturer will start mass-producing solid state drives.

You’ve Done PR the Hard Way Long Enough

As a business, non-profit or association manager, let the tacticians handle the special events, brochures and press releases from now on.