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Turkey Recipes: Going Thanksgivukkah This Year

“The one thing about the Thanksgiving table is if you add another starch to it, nobody notices.” It only happens once every 79,000 years. Thanksgivukkah: when Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah fall on the same day. This event has only happened twice between 1863 (when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a U.S. federal holiday) and 2013. In 1888 Thanksgiving …

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Thanksgivukkah: When America and Judaism Collide

For most Americans, Hanukkah is the Jewish equivalent of the Christian Christmas. It makes sense, right? Hanukkah usually falls around the same time as Christmas, presents are exchanged during each, there are certain dietary requirements/needs/wants… What most Americans don’t realize, though, is that Hanukkah has no associations with Christmas. Hanukkah is a celebration of the Maccabees revolt against the Greeks …

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Google Has Decorations For Real Holidays

Last week, Google’s Festivus search results easter egg was revealed. If you type in “festivus,” Google will display the famous Festivus Pole, as described in a classic episode of Seinfeld. Now, Google has decorations for actual holidays like Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. Some associated terms will also bring up similar results. Here’s “Christmas”: Here’s “Kwanzaa”: Here’s “Hanukkah”: [via Search Engine …

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