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Google Adds Handwriting Support To Gmail, Docs

Google announced today that it has added handwriting input support to Gmail and Google Docs. You can now input words directly into Gmail and Google Docs with your mouse or trackpad. First, you’ll need to enable input tools in Gmail or in Docs, and then select the handwriting input (which is shown with a pencil icon) of the language you …

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Google Translate Gets Handwriting Input On Homepage

Google announced that handwriting is now available as an input option for Google Translate on the Google Translate homepage. “Handwriting input lets you translate a written expression, even if you don’t know how to type the characters,” writes product manager Xiangye Xiao in a blog post. “For example, suppose you see the Chinese expression “饺子” and want to know its …

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Wolfram Alpha Offers Handwritten Results for April Fools

If there’s one thing that the internet lacks, it’s quality handwritten content. For decades, computers have been slowly but surely killing off the need for actually writing anything down. Lucky for us, Wolfram Alpha is here to bring a little bit of handwritten flair to the web. Today, Wolfram Alpha is introducing the Wolfram Alpha Handwritten Knowledge Engine, which they …

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