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Facebook App Locates Sex Offenders, Just in Time for Halloween

The state of New York has made its public database of registered sex offenders a little more accessible with The Sex Offender Locator app for Facebook. Concerned parents (and curious neighbors) can now search the entire state database without leaving the cozy confines of their social networking. The list is searchable by last name, county, and zip code. Only level …

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Share Halloween Costume Ideas With Bing, Win Cash

As a promotional contest designed to push Bing Shopping, Bing has launched a one-day sweepstakes that will give $100 Amazon gift cards to five lucky participants. And it’s all taking place on Twitter. The contest involves tweeting your all-time best costume to Bing, and if Bing selects your idea and retweets it, you win the money. With Halloween right around …

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This “Nightmare Before Christmas” Halloween Light Show Is Fantastic

It’s exactly one week from Halloween, and the great gods of the internet have served us up with an amazing Halloween light show, Jack Skellington-style. Home light shows have become pretty popular on YouTube, the most notable one being the “Christmas Light Gone Wild” video that went viral and was eventually used in a Miller Lite commercial. When I say …

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Sex Toy, Steve Jobs, and a Halloween House

Steve Jobs is known for his great keynote speeches, but did you know that he pretty much pranked called Starbucks during one of them? For more daily video round-ups, go here. How bad would he have felt if they actually had made the 4,000 lattes? A house that sings Marilyn Manson’s ‘This is Halloween’… need I say more? DuckDuckGo is …

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Nightmares Fear Factory Has The Best Flickr Photostream Ever

There’s no denying the awesomeness of Flickr in relation to the cornucopia of images Flickr visitors are privy to, images of all kinds of variety. In fact, considering the never-ending growth of its index — earlier this year, Flickr reported its 6 billionth image upload — it would be an exercise in impossibility to categorize them all. That being said, …

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The Most Discussed Halloween Candy on Twitter

E.Life, a social media monitoring firm, has released an interesting look at what Halloween candies people have been tweeting about the most. Snickers takes the cake. It’s no surprise really. You’d be hard pressed to find a better candy. 

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Let us know in the comments.

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Watch: Bing Goes the Bloodsucker Route

Microsoft is either taking the holiday marketing approach or the Twilight/Vampire trend approach with its latest commercial. The title is Bing: Vampire Decision Engine.

The company uploaded the new commercial to its (Google-owned) YouTube channel. Accompanying the video is a short description:

"When you’re looking for a restaurant that is family friendly, romantic, or maybe something with an otherworldly atmosphere, use Bing’s reviews to stop searching and start deciding."

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New Bing Commercial Inspired By The Shining

Microsoft must be really into Halloween this year, as they’ve relesaed two "Halloween oriented" commercials for their latest search engine, Bing.

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Beware the Emails of Halloween

Symantec’s MessageLabs released its Intelligence Report for the month of October, and it reveals the that the spammers behind the biggest botnets – Cutwail, Rustock and Donbot – are using the upcoming major holidays and world events as the themes for their the latest spam runs. This is not particularly surprising news, but it is news that people should be aware of nevertheless.

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Twitter as the New Ouija Board

Online retailer is hosting what it claims is "the world’s first interactive Twitter Séance or "Twéance" on October 30th – the day before Halloween.

The Twéance allows participants to nominate the names of their favorite "departed stars" along with a question they would like them to be asked by "renowned psychic medium Jayne Wallace." Participants are asked to simply tweet this to @tweance.

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Google and Others Provide Halloween Fun

For those of you sitting around this evening either avoiding trick-or-treaters, or just simply looking for some ghostly entertainment to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, Google has some special content set aside for you.

Not only are they featuring some Halloween Books on the front page of Google Book Search:

Google Halloween Books

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Search Engines Celebrate Halloween

In the Halloween spirit, Google has of course supplied us with a "doodle" for the day, but the interesting part of this to me as fan of horror films is that the doodle was designed by Wes Craven.
Wes Craven

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Halloween Spurs Searches For Pirates at the Disco

Expect to see a swarm of pirates plundering your yard this Halloween. Pirate costumes are again the most searched for ensembles, just like last year. Of course, it depends on the source. Yahoo says we’re all going disco. 

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Linux To Microsoft: Bring It, Freakshow

Advocates for Linux want Microsoft and their CEO, Steve Ballmer, to dispense with the threats and show which code in the Linux world infringes on Microsoft’s property.

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Search Engines Go Spooky

Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask have spiffed up their sites for All Hallow’s Eve, but Microsoft is sadly lacking in the treat department. Microsoft handed out tricks instead, bestowing the horror of litigation on 55 alleged software counterfeiters around the globe.

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Pirates, The Dark Side, Rule Halloween Searches

Expect the ghoulish staples this year: streets filled with ghosts, mummies, vampires, and werewolves. This Halloween also promises more contemporary characters as well, as trick-or-treaters reveal with their search behavior.

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Microsoft Virtually Supporting Linux

The Windows maker announced at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo it would make the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 available at no charge to customers.

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Fool Says Google Missed Out On Skype

Letting eBay scoop up Skype was a mistake, one that Google shouldn’t make again; the Motley Fool suggests a few purchase options it could make instead.

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Searching For Halloween Excitement

In the spirit of the day, I’ve come across some websites providing some Halloween fun. Link to them and follow them where they may lead. We’ve even found a Halloween Search Engine

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Halloween Notice: Spam Zombies Still Feasting On User Inboxes

“Zombies are playing a larger role in spam attacks,” said Andrew Lochart, director of product marketing at Postini. “Spam zombies are popping up all over the world, especially on the newer broadband networks.

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Noted in Passing June 2002

These are things I’m too busy too look into in depth, but caught my interest somewhere recently, and might be of interest to you also.

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