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Get Ready To Party With Yahoo

The company’s first semi-public Hack Day for developers starts on September 29th, and the Delicious bookmarking service plans to throw a birthday part for itself on October 3rd.

AOL Banks On Video APIs

Nine months after AOL acquired his video search company, Truveo, Dr. Tim Tuttle debuted his next astonishing accomplishment in online video.

Feeding Journalists With Deli.cio.us

Todd Defren posts a nice rundown on using del.icio.us for an online PR initiative for bzzagent. Deli.cio.us is used to create content of value to journalists covering WOMM – the word of mouth marketing industry of which bzzagent is the focus.

How Bad Guys Hack into Websites Using SQL Injection
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SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities on the web. Here I’ll try to explain in detail these kinds of vulnerabilities with examples of bugs in PHP and possible solutions.

Microsoft Strolls The Rumor Treadmill

As the company continues to tack upon the seas of Windows Live, Microsoft has been predicted to have a stop scheduled at the shores of social media.

Hackers Told To Hack Off Ponytails

Open source developers are the grunge rockers of the new millennium, the originals long dissolved in corporate formulaic art. Unlike their barefoot hippie predecessors (who woke up one day in Birkenstocks as Volvo-driving yuppies), they kept their ponytails as an affront to The Man, sharing their warez with the Kool-Aid drinking masses.

WordPress Upgraded

I’ve just upgraded WordPress on this blog to version 2.0.2 which was released last week.

Excellent hack for K2 WordPress theme

One of the things I continue to find a bit tricky with WordPress and the customized K2 theme I have on this blog is tweaking the sidebar to include or exclude elements on certain pages.

Blogger Hack Endangers Sensitive Word Docs?

Here’s a potential ticking time bomb. To the Microsoft Office team, you have what could be a sizable PR problem on your hands.

Ten Technorati Hacks

If there’s any one site I use more than others (with the exception of Gmail), it’s Technorati. This site is a fantastic window into the psyche of the more digitally inclined. Here, in another in my series of hack postings, are 10 ways I get more mileage from T’rati.

Google Earth And The Hurricane

Asa Dotzler asks the question many may have been wondering during today’s, “moderately” difficult weather condition …

Darwin Was A Hack, Says Geneticist

A retired Italian scientist says not all critics of evolution come from strict supporters of creationism.

Spammers Hack SpreadFirefox.com

An email advisory to the volunteers who have registered on the site have been advised to update their logins.

Google Maps Address Hack

Has it’s been documented quite frequently, since the launch of Google’s map service, there have been quite a few hacks and extensions built that further Google’s map search functionality.

Freelance Copywriters on the Internet: How to Tell the Difference Between Heaven-Sent and Hack

If you’re hunting for a good freelance copywriter and have never done it before, or if you have but find yourself needing another for the first time in a while, I don’t envy you.

Google Maps Hack finds Cheap Gas!
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Ahding.com has created a timely hack for everyone weary of paying high gas prices. His hack is called Cheap Gas and utilizes Google Maps and GasBuddy to create a display of gas prices and map locations for an area.

Hacks Increase Google Satellite Maps Usability
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A little over a month ago, Google introduced satellite technology, which was acquired from Keyhole, onto their Google Maps service.

Google Hack Not A Hack

No word on whether anyone’s been sacked, and Google claims it wasn’t an attack that set its DNS back.

Apple Strikes Back at iTunes Hack

Apple Computer has “closed” (cough) a security hole that allows users to download mp3s from the iTunes Music Store and purchase songs stripped of antipiracy protections …

Jeansonne Gets 6 Months for WebTV Hack

A man from Louisiana, David Jeansonne, who sent around a malicious program that caused WebTV customers to call 911, was sentenced to six months in prison.

Exxon Mobile SpeedPass Hack via RFID

Tired of paying for gas … Are you a geek with a laptop, knowledge of the Texas Instruments RFID spec and live near an Exxon Mobile gas station equipped with SpeedPass …