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White House Was Attacked By Hackers Over The Weekend

If you listen to the media, cyberattacks are scary events that can bring down an entire nation with a few strokes of a keyboard. In reality, some people have their passwords and usernames stolen. It’s really not that bad in most cases. This past weekend, however, something bad might have been narrowly avoided. The AP is reporting that the White …

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Anonymous Collaborated With Wikileaks For Most Recent Leak

There was a massive release from Wikileaks last night that contained over five million emails from “The Global Intelligence Files.” It seems that Wikileaks got a little help from our friends at Anonymous. Wired is reporting that the first leaked emails from last night came from Anonymous who turned over the files to Wikileaks due to their better organization. A …

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Anonymous Threatens To Take Down Entire Internet

Anonymous just keeps on making grander threats, but they have finally made the greatest threat possible – shutting down the entire Internet. In a pastebin post that we won’t link to for obvious reasons, a member of Anonymous posted a document called “Operation Global Blackout.” You may remember #OpGlobalBlackout from a previous Anonymous video that promised the take down of …

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