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High-Tech Crapper Via Smartphone

Devices like smartphones and tablets have made the web more accessible for everyone. Many of us spend hours reading emails, shopping for products, scanning social networks and countless other things that don’t need mentioning here. But one thing we will mention is what people are doing with their smartphones in the bathroom. The following infographic provides some interesting statistics on …

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Women’s Online Habits Study

Want to know how to reach female shoppers online? Well a recent study might just give you a bit more of an insight into how.

A study by Microsoft with Ogilvy Chicago and Mindshare has given us some insight into the behavior of women online.

Beth Uyenco, Global Research Director of Microsoft’s Advertisers and Publisher Solutions explains more:

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Using Google Can Become A Habit

My wife Jill was the victim of another drive-by “why-ing” — and I, of course, was the perpetrator.

There’s a small specialty grocery store where we live that Jill visits every week or two. And almost every time, she complains about the experience. Outdated stock is repackaged. Food is rancid. The staff is surly. But she keeps buying there. After listening to another long-winded vent, I dared to go where no man should go. I asked her “why?”

There were a number of reasons that she gave. It’s on the way on her daily route. Parking is convenient. Prices are low. But the biggest reason was one she didn’t express, because she didn’t know it. It had become a habit. And habits are tough things to break.

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