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Don’t Mess With The Internet: Billboard Planned For Lamar Smith’s District

Remember Lamar Smith? He’s the guy who brought you both SOPA and H.R. 1981, a bill that would require ISPs to save customers’ IP addresses and other identifying information for over a year. In other words, he’s not exactly a guy you’d invite to your birthday party, provided you’re a fan of internet privacy and digital freedom. While Smith might …

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Lamar Smith Doesn’t Care About Personal Privacy on the Internet

While SOPA is holding on to its dying breaths for dear life, Lamar Smith has apparently moved on to bigger and better things: Monitoring every aspect of your online behavior, details which would be available to any government agency without a warrant, all in the name of “protecting children” from the evils of adults, or something. Actually, Smith’s new draconian …

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Canadian Anti-Privacy Bill Is Just Like H.R. 1981

Canadian Conservatives are trying to push through a new network monitoring bill and anybody who opposes such a blatant attack on privacy are said to be supporters of child pornography. The Globe and Mail reports that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is set to introduce Lawful Access legislation into the House of Commons today. Now that the Conservatives have the …

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H.R. 1981 Is A Turd Wrapped In Cotton Candy

Sometimes it feels like we’re all just playing a big game of electronic privacy whack-a-mole. And if we hold true to that analogy, the next mole that needs to be whacked might look cute on the outside – but it needs to be crushed nonetheless. Ever since the giant internet-wide SOPA protests that went down last Wednesday, people have been …

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