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Blythe Danner Heartbroken Over Daughter’s Divorce

In the movies and in television, the relationship between son in-law and mother in-law is usually a contentious one, which makes some people surprised whenever the two get along in real life. And that’s certainly the case with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom, Blythe Danner, because the two have always gotten along superbly and Danner really loves Martin, and …

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Cameron Diaz Talks About Having Girl-Crushes

Ever since news spread of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin splitting, the question on every one’s mind is probably, ‘What on earth happened’? Because on the outside looking in the couple looked happy and completely perfect for each other. And now some people are starting to give their personal take on what happened, and others, like actress Cameron Diaz, are …

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Brad Pitt’s Ex-Flames Party Together

It must be hard to be Brad Pitt, because the guy lives a pretty tough life, huh? For one, he’s practically married to one of the world’s most beautiful women in Angelina Jolie, and two, he’s amassed a huge fortune for doing exactly what he loves to do. But even before the millions of dollars and the gorgeous fiance, the …

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Blythe Danner Stars in New Broadway Play

Although Blythe Danner, the mother of Gwyneth Paltrow and director Jake Paltrow, is widely known for her roles in Meet the Parents and Will & Grace, she has performed in numerous theatrical productions in her past. Danner now heads the bill along with Sarah Jessica Parker in a play written by actress Amanda Peet entitled, The Commons of Pensacola. According …

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