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Three Men Sentenced For Smuggling Grenade Launchers

Three men were sentenced this week in a California District Court for illegally importing high-powered military hardware into the U.S. The smuggled items included grenade launchers, machine guns, and ballistic vests. The three men, Sergio Syjuco, Cesar Ubaldo, and Arjyl Revereza, are all Philippine nationals from Manila. According to court documents, the men conspired to smuggle the powerful weaponry into …

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Panama Detains North Korean Ship, Finds Hidden Weapons

A North Korean ship traveling through the Panama Canal on its way from Cuba has been detained, and Panama is claiming to have found undeclared weapons on board the ship. According to a Reuters report, Panama detained the ship on suspicion of drug running. Authorities then found the weapons hidden in containers that were labeled to carry brown sugar. The …

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Gun Parts in Stuffed Animals Found in Rhode Island Airport

Gun parts in stuffed animals: No, it’s not the plot of the latest “Die Hard” sequel, though, as I’ve said countless times before, this sort of “odd news” item would certainly make for a great summer blockbuster starring Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, and/or Liam Neeson. I’m sure you’ll see this gimmick used before too long, if hasn’t been utilized already. …

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