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SES – Successful Site Architecture

Fundamentals Track, Tuesday 4:45 – 6:00 PM

Mahalo – Search Results Inside Search Results?
So I was just reading a post by Graywolf about the Mahalo blog giving out nice free links to sites they would never include in their own search results for being to ’spammy’ and started poking around the new human search engine.

Expect Google Webmaster Tools Makeover
The official Google Webmaster Central Blog says within 6 weeks, an overall overhauled Webmaster central – both its Content and Organization will be unveiled.

Changes Afoot With AdSense Policies

People returning to their feedreaders after the SMX conference and elsewhere found new AdSense policy changes awaiting them.

Google Clarifies Paid Link Stance
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Google has updated its Webmaster Guidelines to include definitions of commonly used terms for shady practices and clearer language about the penalties associated with black and gray hat SEO tactics.

Technology Advancing To Replace People
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The Internet is growing rapidly in many different formats. In an interview with WebProNews at the Web 2.0 Expo, Renat Khasanshyn of Apatar spoke with us about this growth and how it affects businesses.

U.S. Army Declares War On Soldiers’ Blogs

“Service before self,” says the U.S. Air Force, and the unofficial Navy motto, “Not self but country,” follows a similar line of thought.  But it’s members of the Army who are being asked something new in regards to their “selves”: Soldiers must now “consult with their immediate supervisor and their OPSEC [Operations Security] Officer” before sending e-mails or posting on blogs.

A Paid Link Disclosure Solution

There is a big brouhaha over Matt Cutt’s recent postings (yes, 3 of them) about the disclosure of paid links (big one here, another here, and one more here).

There’s been a lot of postings about it, with a great summary here by GrayWolf at SEOclass.com, some here by GrayWolf at Wolf-Howl.com, more here from Todd Malicoat of StuntDubl.com, more here from Matt McGee of SmallBusinessSEM.com, and another here from Andy Beal of MarketingPilgrim.com.

Editorial Status Keeps Yahoo Search Ads Real

Yahoo’s Search Marketing folks compare the review of ad campaigns posted to their service with the process of giving a Presidential candidate an editorial endorsement.

Looking for Answers from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers has some explaining to do.

SEO & Accessibility Prevent Lawsuits, Increase Visibility

The WorldWide Web Consortium (W3C), in May 0f 1999, issued Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, which outlined methods of making web content easily accessible to the visually and physically impaired. In those guidelines the W3C stated plainly,

Yahoo Paid Inclusion Gets a Facelift

Yahoo has revamped its paid inclusion program and it appears to be the forefront of a push to revitalize this archaic submission format. More on the history of paid inclusion and my opinion later, for now let us review the changes.

What Does it Cost to Submit to Yahoo?

Guidelines on How to Ask for a Link

Last week I did a post on Search Engine Watch about 11 guidelines for pursuing authoritative links. This post on SEW provides an overview about pursuing the highest value links from sites as part of a long campaign. And this is a great approach to pursuing links.

Getting Links from Authoritative Sites

A recent post on Search Engine Watch informs about 11 Guidelines for Getting Authoritative Links. Authoritative links ensures value to web promotion strategy. It is obvious that search engine will give preference as well as value to out bound links from authoritative sites. 

CIPR: Social Media Guidelines

Last November, the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) issued a call to action to the PR community inviting comment on a discussion paper about the opportunities and risks social media present in public relations practice.

The CIPR’s plan was to incorporate it into the association’s code of conduct for members, following the public consultation.

Google Allowing Misrepresented Result Snippets

I’ve asked Google if it’s a "sneaky redirect" per their webmaster guidelines to send some users to a registration page that does not contain the words available in the search results page snippet (the words you searched for).

Online Video Ads Must Meet Guidelines

The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus ruled yesterday that advertisers posting their ads to YouTube, and other online video sites, must follow the same guidelines used in TV ads.

Case Study: 4iMedia Hidden Image Map Links

Kay Schnewerk’s 4iMedia.com is a German PR agency with clients from all walks of life, including (according to 4iMedia) the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Google Clarifies Quality Score Guidelines

Since announcing algorithmic adjustments to the calculation of landing page quality score, and the subsequent impact on minimum bids, Google has been the object of some scrutiny from its advertising partners. Following much anticipation, the company has finally released more concrete basis of suggestion for achieving high quality score ratings.

Google’s Incomplete SEO Advice

If you do any research on SEO you’ll find this statement repeated more then any other – “make sites for users not for search engines.” It even appears in the the guidelines of the webmaster help center right on Google.com. It’s one of the core fundamentals in what’s considered “white hat” SEO or SEO that conforms to all of the search engine guidelines in the interests of improving the web.

Quality Score Questions for Nick Fox, Google

I talked with Nick Fox, Senior Product Manager for Ads Quality at Google, to get caught up on the latest issues relating to Quality-Based Bidding.

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