Email Summit on the Way

Email Summit on the Way

By Lee Odden December 11, 2007
This announcement might be a bit early, but I think the last Marketing Sherpa Email Summit sold out pretty quickly.

TV Guide To Launch Video Search Tool

TV Guide will launch its Online Video Guide on Tuesday, a search service focused on Internet video that is related to television programs.

The Influence of a Social Media Internet
If you believe that social media begins and ends with sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Sphinn, that rock you’re living underneath must be cozy. If you assume social web sites are all about eye candy and juicy talk, you may be right.

TV Guide Partners With Cable Companies

Gemstar-TV Guide International, an entertainment and technology company has announced that Mediacom Communications and Insight Communications, both cable operators in the U.S., will launch TV Guide’s Lsitings2Go online television guide on their portals in early August.

Abbreviated Guide To Google Earth Sightseeing

If you ever wondered what the Earth looks like to extraterrestrials, whom we know are passive observers in the vein of Jane Goodall, Google Earth has provided us this insight.

Google Click-to-Call Croaks

About nine months ago, there was an announcement that a Google AdWords “Click-to-Call” test had been discontinued.  The message turned out to be a hoax, but a post that came out yesterday is, to all appearances, not.  And so the Google Click-to-Call feature in Google Maps is no more.

TV Guide Teams With Maven For Online Video

Maven Networks has been chosen by GemStar-TV Guide to power its online video channels.

How to Own Yourself on the Web

After having a nice recent conversation with Jeff Liebert lately, I read his fantastic post in the WMW supporter’s forum about Are Businesses and People Adapting to the WWW Publicity Machine?

Euro Business Guide Scamming Again

I mentioned this before. I just cant understand how this crowd are still in operation. Total bunch of crooks: 

New Marketing Sherpa SEM Benchmark Survey
Marketing Sherpa is running their 4th annual survey for the next Search Engine Marketing Benchmark report.

Getting Customers With Google Coupons

Google is able do a lot of things for businesses, including telling potential customers how to reach them.  Granted, it won’t tell potential customers why they should go to (or contact) those businesses, but Jennifer Laycock’s recent article on Google Coupons can clear up even that issue.

TV Guide Partners With Video Search Engine

CastTV is licensing its video search technology to entertainment and media company, Gemstar-TV Guide.

Who has the Best Startup Blog?

I’ve been reading startup blogs for as long as there have been startup blogs.

I’m a fan of Joel Spolsky.  I’m impressed with his wit and humor.  Some of his older stuff was really good, but most of his newer stuff just hasn’t struck me in the same way.  But, maybe that’s just me.

I’m a fan of Paul Graham.  I’m impressed with his intelligence and ability to really cover a topic well in a way that makes sense and appeals to my analytical side.

80% of New Customers Believe They Found You

According to MarketingSherpa’s Business Technology Marketing Benchmark Guide 2007-08, 80% of decision makers who made a technology purchase believe that they found the vendor – as opposed to the vendor targeting them.

Google Wants You To Report Paid Links
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Google is offering users a way to report paid links in an effort to provide searchers with better results, a move that has generated plenty of discussion.

Short Term Blogging – The Complete Guide

One of the most challenging aspects of blogging that hold many companies and individuals back from jumping into starting their own blog is the ongoing commitment that blogs often require. 

Hide & Seek With Google

After the success of her 30 Days series, Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide has set herself a new challenge: See how well a new site can survive if it hides from Google and other big search engines.