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Daily Telegraph Blogs for Readers

Today the Daily Telegraph newspaper launched My Telegraph, a free service that enables readers to set up their own blog.

Google Has About 900 Millionaires, Some Leaving
The Guardian has an article about rich Google employees leaving, and they say a report quoted Google as having as many as 900 millionaires. Considering that Google has 12,238 employees (as of March 31), and had only 6,790 employees a year ago, that’s a pretty significant percentage.

Blinkx To Go Public

The idea of a “Google killer” has lost most of its meaning – challenger after challenger came along, assumed that title, and proceeded to fail miserably.  Google Video may face a real threat in the form of Blinkx, however – the Autonomy corporation has announced plans to demerge that video search engine.

The Guardian Undermining Blogging?
I know that Victor Keegan’s piece in the U.K.’s Guardian is an opinion piece, but to read his latest thoughts on the growth of blogs, you’d think that blogging was about as popular as Vonage shares right now.

UK Net Advertising Surpasses Print

Internet advertising is a big business in the UK, and according to a new report, it’s reached record proportions.  Over 2 billion pounds – that’s about $3.95 billion – was spent in 2006, which represents a 41% increase over the previous year’s figures.  Even more important is the fact that only $3.73 billion was spent on newspaper advertising.

BBC, Google Video Near Deal

Want to find an old Monty Python clip? Or watch a Mr. Bean sketch? Odds are that you can do so at Google Video, even though the BBC never gave its permission. This story isn’t about some impending lawsuit, though – reports indicate that “the Beeb” wants to strike a deal with Google and make even more content available.

Google is The Top Brand of 2006

Landor Associates, a New York based design agency, conducted a survey of the most popular brands among consumers.

The Launch of Google Politics
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Last month, Google announced that it would form a political action committee to act in the political realm on behalf of the company’s interests. The group, labeled netPAC, is already beginning to endorse candidates running for office in the upcoming November elections.

Google, YouTube Face Potential Opposition

Dick Parsons, Time Warner CEO & Chairman, revealed in a British newspaper that the company will continue to pursue copyright infringement complaints against YouTube. This is the first potential pitfall for Google, who acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion on Monday.

Britons’ Blogging Activities

Does anyone know of any recent stats on blog usage in Europe? I asked on Wednesday following the release of such stats for the US by the Pew Internet project.

Comment is free

An evolutionary development in mainstream media engagement with readers and others by The Guardian in the UK, which has launched Comment is free:

“We Were Well-Paid, Latte-Drinking Vassals”

Versai’s Greg Olsen hits another one out of the park: Software’s Glorious Revolution.

‘I’m Sorry’ Getting Easier to Say

I’ve seen two instances recently in which companies apologized after incurring the wrath of bloggers.

Guardian Plays Google Game, And Wins

It took a week for a writer to push a spoof web site to the very top of the Google rankings for the search term “eco-friendly flip-flops.”

Microsoft Holding Xbox Supplies Back?

In a few days I’ll be at the European Xbox launch in Dublin, Ireland. Lots of sad faces as people can’t get Xbox’s.

London’s Citizen Journalists Slammed In The Guardian

John Naughton, in today’s Guardian: Why I have serious doubts about the ‘citizen reporters’…

Blogs as ‘Editorial Innovation’ For Mainstream Media

Catching up with some neglected RSS feed reading has resulted in a burst of blogging already today.

Oil Prices Up After Prediction of Huge Rise

Oil prices shot upward after Goldman Sachs predicted that they will rise to $105 a barrel.

Observer Blog Is Just The Start

The Observer newspaper in the UK started a blog last weekend, as I commented on earlier this week.

Online Media Changes Traditional Demographics

The latest entrant to the world of blogs by mainstream media made its debut yesterday …

UK Newspaper Launches Blog

The Observer newspaper in the UK will launch a blog this coming Sunday. Journalist, writer and …

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