GSM Articles

Verizon Picks 4G LTE Technology
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Verizon’s second big announcement of the week is that the company plans to develop and deploy its next generation mobile broadband network using Long Term Evolution (LTE), a technology more closely related to GSM, used by rival AT&T, which will also be upgrading to the LTE format.

Ericsson Extends Russian GSM Deal

The $150 million USD agreement with Russia’s largest mobile provider, OAO Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), expands its GSM capacity.

Enfora and Esmertec to Incorporate Wireless Java Technology in GSM/GPRS OEM Devices

First Implementation of Esmertec’s Java Solution in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Devices.

Extend J2ME to Wireless Messaging
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The notion of wireless messaging provides a whole new vista to J2ME. J2ME applications powered by wireless messaging have a platform-independent access to wireless communication resources like Short Message Service (SMS) and Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) for Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Networks, a mobile telephony system permitting inter-country communication.

Before proceeding with the details on how J2ME Wireless Messaging works, I will discuss, in short, the SMS and CBS messaging systems in a GSM Network.