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LookSmart CEO Hits The Eject Button

President and CEO David Hills has jumped ship from the company, citing a desire to start another business.

Wikia Acquires Grub from LookSmart

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales would like you to help him build the revenue for his new “for profit” venture Wikia. Wikia has acquired the distributed crawler Grub from LookSmart and Wales plans to make it open source. He’d like to invite the community to line his coffers.

Wikipedia Gets Grub
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You may not have heard of Grub, but the Web crawler company was just acquired by Wikia.  And now Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and co-founder of Wikia, thinks he may “change the balance of power from the search companies back to the publishers.”

SME Server Software Raid Failure, Grub 0x10 error

An SME customer called this morning saying that his system had apparently stopped working (web pages and mail were unavailable) and therefore he had rebooted.