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Square Makes First Grocer Partnership With Whole Foods

About a year and a half ago, Square announced a major partnership with Starbucks. Today, Square has announced another such partnership with Whole Foods Market, which will see select grocery stores implementing Square payment and checkout features. Whole Foods expects the integration of Square Register and Square Stand (and in some stores, Square Wallet) to make the checkout process faster …

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Black Widows Grapes: Poisonous Spiders Found in Grape Packages

Produce just got scary (and lethal) again. Remember when we told you about the woman in London who had a Brazilian wandering spider egg, the most lethal spider in the world, hatch on her banana? Well, now consumers in the United States are reporting finding black widow spiders in packages of grapes. Reports of black widows in grape packages have …

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Kroger Cookie Dough Recalled Due to Mispackage

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced this week that ConAgra Foods is recalling some Kroger-branded “Break ‘N Bake” chocolate chip cookie dough packages. Unlike other, more serious recalls of foods over possible contamination, the Kroger cookie dough recall is relatively benign. The cookie dough is being recalled over mispackaging concerns. Certain lots of the product, instead of containing …

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Apple Sues Online Grocery Store Over Its Logo

Apple is ridiculously protective of its trademarks and patents. That much should be clear by now. The company will drag you to court if you so much have a single element in common with its own devices. One could argue that Apple was within their right to sue other electronic companies like Samsung, but their latest legal assault might be …

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Grocery Store Starts “Man Aisle”

Apparently some dudes who own a grocery store on the Upper West Side put their heads together recently and came up with a wacky–and not surprisingly, successful–idea: create an aisle filled with stuff only men would buy, all placed conveniently together because, as studies show, men don’t do the majority of the shopping for households. They want to get in …

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