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Fatal Bear Mauling Results in Fines

In November 2012, a Montana animal trainer was mauled and killed by a bear while cleaning its cage. 24-year-old Benjamin Cloutier was an animal trainer at Animals of Montana, which trains animals for photography, TV, and Movies. Now, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is issuing fines against Animals of Montana in connection with the …

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Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Expected to Play in Game 6

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, two Los Angeles Clippers players who were both suffering from injuries, are expected to play in the Game 6 showdown against the Memphis Grizzlies. Griffin sprained his left knee during Wednesday night’s game. However, Thursday’s MRI showed no structural damage, prompting Griffin to announce his intentions to play Friday night. Paul, who strained his hip …

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