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Goodwill: Grenade Found In Collection Box

Someone took the gift of giving to bizarre heights in Winston-Salem, NC this past week. They nearly gave a bunch of Goodwill employees a heart attack in the process. According to Winston-Salem Police, this past Thursday they responded to a call from the local Goodwill where an employee said they discovered a grenade in a collection box. They arrived at …

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Kenyan Bus Explosion: Attacks Continue Saturday

A mini bus and nearby cars in Nairobi, Kenya were left in pieces today after an unconfirmed explosive device exploded inside of the traveling mini bus. Reuters tells us that four people were killed while 36 were left wounded in the fourth Kenyan attack this week. The sudden blast turned car parts into shrapnel to quickly transform a normal day …

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Soccer Grenade: Iran Field Sees Explosive Thrown

Reports are early and not too detailed, but according to this video–which was uploaded on YouTube–some “fans” threw an object onto an Iranian soccer field during a match. A player, thinking it was trash, picked it up and tossed it aside, only to see it explode on impact. Two seconds was all it might have taken for a very different …

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Grenade Found In Package At 2 World Trade Center

A suspicious package found its way into the WTC today, prompting a cautious evacuation of employees after an X-ray turned up an image of what appeared to be a grenade. The item was discovered just before eleven this morning and police immediately responded, bringing along a bomb squad for good measure. But a search uncovered a harmless toy grenade, and …

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