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Greg Oden’s Starting Position On The Miami Heat May Be Permanent

The Miami Heat has consistently been one of the top teams in the NBA for the past several seasons since gaining Lebron James on their roster. However, Greg Oden has eased himself into the starting lineup recently, and may be keeping that position. Greg Oden has been plagued with injuries throughout most of his NBA career, which has been spent …

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Greg Oden Makes His Debut For The Miami Heat

Greg Oden, who has been plagued with injury ever since being drafted, has been given new life as a member of the Miami Heat. Last night, he saw his first NBA action since December 5, 2009. The Heat won their preseason game against the New Orleans Pelicans 108-95. He has been out for a total of 1,400 days, which can …

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Greg Oden Practices with Miami Heat

Today marked a turning point for former Portland Trailblazers’ center, Greg Oden. Its been four whole years since he practiced or played in a regular-season NBA game. However, today he hit the court, or should I say “ballroom,” for the first-time. For those wondering why Oden was even in a ballroom, as opposed to playing on a traditional court, its because the …

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