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Huge Canyon Found Under Greenland Ice

A team of scientists this week announced the discovery of a massive canyon that has been hidden underneath Greenland‘s ice sheet for millions of years. The canyon is longer (460 miles) than the Grand Canyon and is nearly 2,600 feet deep in some places. The discovery has been outlined in the latest issue of the journal Science. “One might assume …

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The Pirate Bay Moves To Iceland After Getting Kicked Out Of Greeland

The Pirate Bay has been on the move quite a bit these past few months. The infamous Web site anticipated that its .se domain wasn’t going to last much longer and set out for free waters. It first moved to Spain and Norway, but soon found itself kicked out. It then moved to Greenland to much the same reception. After …

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The Pirate Bay Moves Its Domain To Greenland

In early 2012, The Pirate Bay moved from its traditional .org domain to a .se domain to avoid the fate that befell Megaupload. For over a year now, The Pirate Bay has not moved from this domain, even when it was blocked in the UK and other European countries. That all changes today, however, as the most infamous site on …

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