Green Articles

MSN Green Stands Up To Scrutiny

When it comes to green search companies, you might think of Google as the winner, and Yahoo, as (almost) always, as the runner-up.  But with the launch of a new site called MSN Green, Microsoft’s trying to keep up with the pack.

Toyota Looks At Green Design On YouTube

Thanks to its Prius model, Toyota’s often been connected to “green” movements; Google itself even bought and tinkered with a fleet of the hybrids.  Now, through a new channel on YouTube, the automaker is promoting a number of environmentally friendly technologies.

The Find Launches Green Site

Shopping search engine thefind.com has launched a shopping search Web site for finding products from eco-friendly retailers and brands. The site is inclusive of products that are organic, created using ecologically conscious processes, or those offered by retailers who are committed to preserving the environment.

Yahoo Acquires Actionality

Yahoo has acquired Actionality, a German firm that describes itself as “an emerging leader of automated in-game advertising and marketing solutions for the mobile market.”  And that’s about all we know for sure – dollar amounts and dates have not yet been made public.

Yahoo Launches Green Icon Contest

Yahoo’s in need of a “Green icon.”  What’s that, you ask?  Well, it may be your call – the search company is holding a design contest to find this icon, and will donate $20,000 to an environmental nonprofit agency of the winner’s choice.

Green Teens More Engaged Online

Around 38 percent of all online teens say they are concerned for the environment, and 15 percent are hardcore Green Teens, according to a new report from JupiterResearch "Green Teens: Reaching a Trendy, Engaged Audience Online."

Sundance Channel Goes Green With Google

Kermit the Frog once sang that it wasn’t easy being green, but the Sundance Channel has found that easy to do with Google Maps.

Yahoo Is Greener Than You

The Internet company’s continued efforts at addressing environmental concerns received a positive mark from the Climate Counts project.

Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.

The NewsMarket Plants Green Video

Environmental issues have become such a focal point for news stories that the demand for related video has grown dramatically.

Jericho Fans Go Nuts Online
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The cancellation of a CBS drama series has prompted outraged fans to try and save their beloved series by grabbing some nuts and flinging them at senior CBS executives.

Microsoft, Clinton Make Green Software, Services

Google’s well known for its environmentally friendly leanings, and Yahoo launched a “Be a Better Planet” campaign just last week.  Now Microsoft has joined the usual suspects by launching its own endeavor; oddly enough, former president Bill Clinton was also involved.

Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs

Those who can be bothered to update their blogs at least once every 90 days has hit a broad piece of flat ground, with Technorati’s numbers showing minimal movement between October 2006 and March 2007.

Microsoft Green Lights Silverlight

Developers are buzzing about Microsoft’s latest release, Silverlight, a video plug-in application that spans video formats, allowing them to viewed through one video channel. Though there is a secret feature to be revealed in the coming weeks, the revealing of Silverlight is already being touted as an affront to Adobe.

‘State Of The Blogosphere’ Is Small, Fractured?

Once a year, Conan O’Brien gives a “State of the Show Address” address, and for a certain audience, it’s great – but not everyone cares about this late-night comedian’s realm.  As Dave Sifry gave a “State of the Live Web Address,” as opposed to a “State of the Blogosphere,” some onlookers feel he’s addressing a similar problem.

Leo Wants Some Answers

Hollywood recruits one of it’s biggest names to ask the tough questions about the environment on Yahoo! Answers.

Google Going Green with Earth Day Network

In an effort to go “green” google is hosting a map service in conjunction with the earth day network.

Google Green Is Made Of Maps

Environmentally friendly vacation spots form the center of the Summer of Green mashup, a project that joins Google Maps with the Earth Day Network.

Google News Punting Conservatives
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The NewsBusters website has reported on another instance of a website being booted from the sources used by Google News.

BitTorrent More than Just a Tool for Pirates

I was listening to Dave Slusher’s Evil Genius Chronicles yesterday; if memory serves, Slusher’s was the very first podcast I ever listened to, back around October 2004.

Make XP Media Center Look Like Vista
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Green Button community member CM_MC has created a theme for Windows XP’s Media Center that gives it some of Windows Vista Media Center’s stylings.