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Netflix Is Adapting ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ into 13-episode Series

Green Eggs and Ham is pretty neat, but 13 episodes? Well that’s a treat! Dr. Seuss is coming to Netflix – rather, one of his most famous works is. Netflix has ordered 13 episodes of a children’s series based on the classic story Green Eggs and Ham. Here’s the plot, if you are wondering how they’re going to stretch Green …

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Neil Gaiman Reads Us A Bedtime Story

Neil Gaiman has been responsible for–or had a part of–so many incredible things that it’s nearly impossible not to admire him. From writing comics to penning children’s books and wondrous novels (“Coraline”, “American Gods”, The Sandman, and “The Ocean At The End Of The Lane”, to name a few), he’s proven over the years that he’s as cool as they …

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