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Giraffe Riddle: Already Receiving Backlash

There was Planking. There was also Gangnam Style, that Old Spice Guy, the Harlam Shake, Twerking and Hashtags. And now, we see pictures of giraffes, lots of them. The Great Giraffe Challenge seems to be taking over the internet. Tens of thousands of people have accepted the challenge, it’s a simple riddle that goes like this: It’s 3:00 am, the …

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Giraffe Riddle Invades Facebook

Before everyone goes into panic mode, let’s set the record straight about the “giraffe riddle” circulating around Facebook. If you’ve seen a number of people have changed their profile pictures to images of giraffes, there’s actually no need to be alarmed. While I’m sure it’s quite disconcerting it’s relatively ‘normal.’ According to the Chicago Tribune, there is no Facebook glitch. …

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