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Calacanis Gets Free SEO Report For Mahalo

It maybe that Jason Calacanis just likes stirring up the SEO crowd, or it could be that he really feels a certain way about them. Either way, the hostility that met him at the beginning of the week meets him again at its close.

Happenings in the Industry
A few quick links of worthy happenings in the industry:

More MSM foolishness and incomplete reporting at Forbes, “Condemned to Google Hell“. Yeah, that’s right. On this one I am drinking the Google kool aid.

Learning From Leading Edge SEO Bloggers

Here’s a question what are you learning from leading SEO and internet marketing bloggers? Are you hoping one of them drops a thinly veiled, or rather obvious tip that will let you set a “virtual cash machine” on your front lawn? If you are you just might be ignoring the real pearls of wisdom that are right there in the open.

Another List of Blogging Mistakes

In no particular order here are a list of blogging mistakes I’ve made (and wished I didn’t) or have watched friends make (and secretly laughed at them wished they didn’t).

Nick Wilson Returns To Salvage Performancing Deal

Yesterday I said that I noticed that performancing.com was dead and now going to some Louisville blog.

Digg and Social Marketing Strategy
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There has been a lot of chatter on various blogs and forums lately about Digg banning domains (a lifetime ban it seems). Some sites have received this response from Digg:

Taco Bell Turns To PPC

It’s fairly obvious that the press from an E.Coli breakout can be really bad, especially if you are a popular fast-food restaurant chain – just ask Taco Bell. To combat the negative press, Taco Bell released a commercial featuring their President apologizing for the events while declaring Taco Bell food edible.

Cloaking Is Bad… Unless It’s Good

The concept of page cloaking has come under fire; again, because the idea is being used by a number of legitimate sites in order to protect or hide their content from users and/or search engine bots. The fact that these sites do not get punished for using cloaking techniques has become a sore spot with some bloggers.

AdWords Algorithm Effecting Paid and Organic Search?

The roll out of the new Google AdWords algorithm is supposed to be calculating the quality score of a landing page.

Google Click to Call

Hey, this is interesting. Google is testing some pay per call ads with a program called Click to Call.