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Your Graphics- Are they Really Working for You?

It’s no secret that a picture is worth a thousand words or that people really do judge a book by its cover.

Google Unearths New Mapping Service

Called Google Earth, the 3D mapping service brings a combination of aerial and satellite photos to the desktop.

Intel Sees Mobile Graphics Lead Grow Over ATI

Chipmakers ATI, Nvidia, both see declines as Intel’s Centrino line gets a new addition.

Anti-Aliasing for Great-Looking Text Graphics

Macromedia has a wonderful software application that helps users create great-looking text graphics by using anti-aliasing capabilities.

ATI Debuts HyperMemory Graphics Card

As with everything related to technology and consumers, graphic card developers are in pitched battle to decide which company produces the dominant technology.

ATI Launches X700 Graphics Processor

Graphics hardware company ATI has brought PCI Express graphics to the notebook industry with the introduction of its X700 PCI Express graphics processor.

The Smallest Is The Best!.. As Long As It Serves Its Purpose.

It is true! In graphics optimization, seen as a part of website optimization, the smallest is the best. Of course, the element in question should still serve its purpose of being the expression of an idea. Furthermore, it should be understandable, clear, suggestive and good-looking. Let’s see together which could be the right choices (in terms of web graphics optimization) when we decide what type of graphics we’ll use on a website.

Alienware Workstations Earn Highest Scores in Graphics Performance

Alienware MJ-12 Workstations Earn Highest Scores in SPECviewperf 8.0 Benchmark Testing.

Basic Graphic Design

Wether you design your business brochures, flyers, web page, or ads there are some things that you need to know. There are some basic graphic design principles that those of us trained in the commercial art/graphic design field don’t always share. Here’s a short list of elements of graphic design that you can use today.

Optimizing Your Web Site To Load Faster

Is your website taking forever to load because of all the heavy graphics you’re using? How long does it takes for a modest DIALUP user to wait patiently for a website to completely load up on his/her browser? 60 seconds? 30 seconds?

Making Text Graphics Available As Text For SEO Purposes

With the exception of alt tags and file names, optimizing images for search engine purposes has always been a difficult task. This task may have become easier thanks to dynamic text replacement technique developed, in part, by Stewart Rosenberger.

EZ traffic from Google and Yahoo Traffic

This is a sly traffic idea I got from my Kentucky cohort Garrett French. Garrett writes for WebProWorld.com.

Effective Web Design

Before starting on how to design a website effectively, how about clearing some basic web design concepts? Designing Effectively

Google Brands Adsense Ads With Graphics

Google has started branding their Adsense Ads with Google graphics. This news has caused some interest in Google AdSense users.

Product Review: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12

Corel has put out a great deal of quality products throughout the years. But ever since Macromedia became a player, Corel has been running a close third in the market of graphics software.

Using Swap-Out Graphics from a PSD File

The following generic tutorial will assist you with using a PSD file associated with our swap-out graphics. The exact steps or terminology would depend on your graphics software. We have included a few keywords at the bottom of this tutorial to assist you in finding the exact process in your graphics software’s help section.

Emphasizing a Product with Monochrome Graphics

Nothing stands out better on a website then a product image in full color while the rest of the image and site are monochrome (shades of gray).

Site Graphics and other Jazzy Bits

What’s the number 1 reason why people leave web sites? Do you know? Not sure?

Optimize Your Graphics for the Web

Heavy graphics cost you money and traffic. They cost you money because heavy graphics require both significant storage space and bandwidth.

Crossing the Great Graphics Barrier

One of the first hurdles in learning Web design is understanding the use of graphics. The greatest of programmers can come up against the graphics barrier and sometimes just fall flat. Even professional desktop publishers when faced with a “design for the Web” task, can make critical errors.

Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Tweak Graphics, Navigation

First impression – I like the site. It’s “perky”, pleasant and has a lot of information about the products.