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Google Launches Preview of Google Voice
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Google has launched a preview of Google Voice, which is an application that lets you manage voice communications by converting voicemails to text. Google Voice is the new version of GrandCentral, which Google acquired back in 2007. For now, GrandCentral users are the only ones that get Google Voice.

Say Goodbye To Google’s Hello
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When Google bought Picasa, a photo-sharing division called Hello went along for the ride.  Unfortunately for Hello and its users, a sort of fatal crash is scheduled to take place on May 15th.

Google’s JotSpot Will Turn Pages

A flood of information about Google’s plans for its JotSpot acquisition and Google Apps met attendees at an Ann Arbor presentation.

GrandCentral Switches Some Phone Numbers

After Google acquired GrandCentral, about a month and a half of reliable telephone service ensued.  But some GrandCentral customers have now been informed that their numbers – which were supposed to be good “for life” – will be changed whether they like it or not.

Google Challenging Skype

Last week Google made its move against eBay owned Skype, an online person-to-person internet telephony company, with the purchase of startup company, GrandCentral Communications.

Official: Google Acquires GrandCentral

Google rumors are starting to be true more often; just last week rumors circulated that the search giant had acquired phone service company GrandCentral Communciations. Google confirmed that purchase this afternoon.

Google Buys GrandCentral?
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Rumors are spreading that Google acquired GrandCentral, and the company supposedly sold for around $50 million.  The company, by the way, allows its customers to get “One Number…for Life – a number that’s not tied to a phone or a location – but tied to you.”