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Grand Canyon Hybrid Bison On a Tear

Over 350 hybrid bison have been on a rampage in the northern region of Grand Canyon National Park, and the herd has been tearing up vegetation, impinging on the native habitat of the endangered Mexican spotted owl, knocking down Native American cliff dwellings and befouling the water supply by using it as a toilet. The animals were originally introduced to …

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Grand Canyon Bison Are Out Of Control

The Grand Canyon is being taken over by bison that park officials say are causing damage and unsanitary conditions. A large herd of 400 bison currently graze within the boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park. This herd is actually made up of hybrids. Cattle and buffalo have been crossbred to create beefalo or cattalo. The bison were introduced to northern …

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Grand Canyon Bison Wreaking Havoc

How do you manage a herd of about 400 bison? That’s what the National Park Service is trying to figure out. This massive gang of beefalo – a hybrid of cattle and buffalo – is taking over the northern reaches of the Grand Canyon. The concern is that they are causing destruction and unsanitary conditions. Along with trampling vegetation and …

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