New gPhone (myTouch 3G) Coming in Early August

New gPhone (myTouch 3G) Coming in Early August

By Jeremy Muncy June 22, 2009 | 5 Comments

T-Mobile has announced that the sucessor to it’s semi-popular G1, the myTouch 3G, will become available in early August.

The myTouch 3G will be extremely customizable, unlike Apple’s iPhone. Users will be able to choose menus, wallpapers, icons, themes and skins. Will being customizable be enough to lure iPhone users away?

myTouch 3G

Gphone Myth (Maybe, Possibly) Not A Myth

Usually Gphone rumors come out of some publication you’ve never heard of in India or Taiwan and are told with questionable, if not outright broken English.

Expect Windows Mobile Alternative Instead of Gphone

The IHT is pretty convinced we won’t see mobile phone from Google–yeah, we know that already. However, they’ve shed some light on what exactly Google is working on.

GPhone Is Not a Phone?

Google has been working on a mobile phone project for more than two years and the GPhone has caused expectations in the technology world to rise.

Meanwhile, Google Rings Up Zingku

Mobile social network company Zingku nearly flew into Google’s nest under the radar, as Google’s visit to Washington DC attracted plenty of attention.

Gphone Enroute? What About The Network?

Lots of sites have been chattering about the potential for a Google branded handset emerging in the market, but the real news will be when the company lights up a wireless network to support it.

GPhone Rumor “Confirmed” Again
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The ‘yes it’s here’, ‘no it isn’t’, ‘yes it is’ tennis match of rumors about a Google-powered mobile phone have been entertaining to watch, as yet another source swears on the immaculate souls of Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn souls that the GPhone is alive and on the way.

Google Phone Spotted, Bigfoot Was Using It

The so-called Gphone is joining the ranks of myth the ever-looming Google operating system inhabits, alongside Bigfoot, Atlantis, and nude Jessica Alba. Nevertheless, as an Indian news source reports, the illusive Gphone is merely "fortnight" away from launch worldwide.

Goo-Fone or Gphone – Fact or Fiction?

Goo-Fone? .. or should that be Gphone? It may not matter given what Google is said to have said. Google seems to be strongly denying the rumors that it will develop its own cell phone.

Apple’s iPhone Then Google’s GPhone

France Telecom’s mobile phone unit, Orange, reportedly sent executives to the Googleplex to discuss a potential partnership.