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Microsoft Patents Key Functionality

Would you believe that Microsoft has just patented the concept utilized by the "page up" and "page down" keys commonly found on computer keyboards? That seems to be the case according to U.S. Patent number 7,415,666.

Apple Having iTunes Trouble with China
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Apple is everywhere in the news this week, with its big score on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, its MobileMe problems, its iPhone 3G lawsuit, and now issues with the Chinese government. Apple’s iTunes store has been blocked in China for pushing a controversial benefit album.

FCC Interested in Lowering Your Cable Prices
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Things have been looking up for Hulu and online video in general for a variety of reasons. News has come out today emphasizing this fact even more. ABC News is reporting that the FCC thinks that cable television providers are charging too much for access. I couldn’t agree more.

Microsoft: Everybody Else is Doing it
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Microsoft is tracking your data.

But so are Google and Yahoo!, as they are so quick to point out when confronted by the House.

A classic example of the "but everybody else is doing it" excuse that they taught us in D.A.R.E. in elementary school.

The drug of choice for search giants is not crack or pot though. It is ad-targeting – learning about you so they can fill your screen with advertisements from companies whose profits would be in their own best interest.

Twitter Congress Controversy

The New York Times, tomorrow, has an article about the controversy over using Internet communications tools like Qik and Twitter and whether they should be allowed to be used by members of Congress.

The new press conference

Security Issues Discovered at TSA Site

In what should be a warning to travelers and just about everyone on the Internet, a web site built for the TSA has been found to have significant security issues, endangering travelers, as well as the reputat

Big Brother Wants Your Email Access

A disturbing report via National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell says Big Brother (that’s the US government and its NSA if you haven’t been keeping up) wants access to any email, file transfer and Web search. Their main ally so far in the security game: AT&T.

Mobile Resources Go To The Feds

The mobile web is not just the playground for big Internet firms like Yahoo and Google. The federal government has access to its resources available to mobile browsers too.

Google Asks Feds For Better Document Access

The numerous agencies of the federal government possess thousands of documents and pieces of information that can’t be found by Google’s crawlers.

Google Less Accountable Than Interpol?

In a superficial way, here’s one for the conspiracy theorists and pissed-off privacy advocates: One World Trust placed Google below Interpol – and indeed, at the very bottom of a list – in terms of accountability.

Google Assists With Florida’s Public Records
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You know those “fleecing of America” stories?  This isn’t one of them.  For absolutely no charge, Google is helping make Florida’s public records more accessible.

Government Still Questioning GoogleClick

The FTC has not yet confirmed Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick. Last week’s town meeting on the subject of behavioral targeting hasn’t changed that.

Google Gets Green PCs Into Government

You may associate Google with California, or perhaps with New York or Boston, where the company has important offices.  But it’s with the governors of Minnesota and Kansas that the search giant has reached a new deal.

Google’s Chinese Competitor Baidu Doubles Profit

In terms of dollars, Baidu is still far behind Google.  But in terms of percentages, the Chinese search engine bested its American competitor, posting third-quarter profits that were up 113 percent over last year’s.

Net Efforts Shed More Light On Washington

The OpenCRS database of research performed for Congress, and the Secrecy Report Card from OpenTheGovernment.org, have helped make more information about the federal government available online.

Three Candidates Sign On To Google Government

At first glance it looks like three Presidential candidates swore to uphold a law already passed, but since that wouldn’t make any sense at all, we’ll assume they meant they’ll hold the Executive branch to the same standards the Legislative has already adopted. Given the bobbing and weaving of the current administration, that really would be something.

Scholars Push For Search Engine Regulation
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Here’s an idea sure to start some fires: Is it necessary to consider government regulation of search engines? Please hold your throwing-stones until the end of the presentation.

Footnote Puts Government UFO Records Online

Footnote.com says they have digitized all of Project Blue Book, a collection of records containing the United States government’s investigation of UFOs from 1947-1969.

Government Executives Need To Blog

A study by Southeastern Louisiana University professor David Wyld for IBM’s Center for the Business of Government found that government blogging “does take dedication and a bit of bravery.”

German Government To Give Wikipedia A Boost
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This is a stereotype, but at least it’s a positive one: the Germans are an efficient and precise people.  Now, for less of a stereotype and more of a fact: Wikipedia can be far from precise.  You may be surprised to learn, then, that the German government is going to give resources to the German version of the site.

Google, U.S. Government Could Take On Censorship

As businesses go, establishments don’t get much bigger than Google.  But even the Mountain View-based corporation needs a little help now and then, and in its war on censorship, Google is seeking assistance from the United States government.