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China Tells Internet Caf
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How would you feel if every time you used a public telephone (do those still exist?) or checked into a hotel, your photo was taken and sent to the government? To better crack down on undesirable Internet users, that’s exactly what’s happening in China.

Google and Yahoo! Talk Volume Caps with Justice Department

Google and Yahoo! are in the middle of trying to convince the federal government (namely the Justice Department) that their search advertising deal is not an antitrust issue. This has been going on for months as they’ve tried to convince the entire world of the same.

Hacker Indicted for the Palin Email Job
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You may remember a few weeks ago when vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! email account was hacked. This was revealed to be the work of David Kernell, the son of Tennessee Democratic State Representative Mike Kernell. David was indicted Wednesday morning, and faces a maximum of 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine after turning himself in.

Amazon’s Latest Patent
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Amazon has been awarded a patent for the concept behind its "Top Reviewers" program. The company apparently filed for this patent back in April of 2001. The abstract goes:

Pandora Never Says Die

PandoraPandora’s obituary was all but written last month as SoundExchange called for higher royalty payments from the Internet Radio site, and others like it. But there is a little life in the site and in the industry yet.

Google Getting More Friendly with the Government?
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Google has an office in Washington D.C., and now it is opening another one just a stone’s throw away in Reston, Virginia. Why? So the company can try to sell "cloud computing" to government agencies, according to the Washington Post.

Twitter Election Site Highlights New Media’s Relevancy
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Last night Twitter launched an Election site that features Tweets involving the presidential and vice presidential candidates rolling in almost faster than you can read them. In Twitter’s words, "We’re filtering hundreds of Twitter updates per minute to create a new source for gathering public opinion about the presidential election and a new way for you to share your thoughts."

Google: Yahoo! Deal Not Bad For Competition

The other day, Eric Schmidt blamed Microsoft for fanning the flames of controversy over Google’s proposed advertising deal with Yahoo!. He did also note, however, that Google had probably failed to explain the deal well enough, and that this had contributed to said controversy as well.

Google Blames Microsoft for Yahoo! Deal Controversy
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Google held its Zeitgeist Conference yesterday, and during that conference, CEO Eric Schmidt, and co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin held a media roundtable at which they discussed a variety of Google’s recent endeavors. Among the topics of course, was the proposed Google-Yahoo! advertising deal, which is currently being scrutinized by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Eric Schmidt

You Think the Government Is Going to Stop Google?
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Google is apparently going to disregard the investigation into any antitrust practices, and move forward in its advertising deal with Yahoo! in October, unless the government stops them.

Eric Schmidt

Quebec Open Source Community Goes After Government
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Quebec’s open source organization Facil is suing the province’s government for spending millions of dollars on Microsoft software, and never entertaining the idea of using anything open source. The problem here is that there is no room for competition  because the government automatically goes to Microsoft.

Can You Digg the Democratic and Republican Conventions?
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DiggKatie Couric isn’t the only vessel connecting Digg to the U.S. presidential candidates.

Microsoft Patents Key Functionality

Would you believe that Microsoft has just patented the concept utilized by the "page up" and "page down" keys commonly found on computer keyboards? That seems to be the case according to U.S. Patent number 7,415,666.

Apple Having iTunes Trouble with China
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Apple is everywhere in the news this week, with its big score on the American Customer Satisfaction Index, its MobileMe problems, its iPhone 3G lawsuit, and now issues with the Chinese government. Apple’s iTunes store has been blocked in China for pushing a controversial benefit album.

FCC Interested in Lowering Your Cable Prices
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Things have been looking up for Hulu and online video in general for a variety of reasons. News has come out today emphasizing this fact even more. ABC News is reporting that the FCC thinks that cable television providers are charging too much for access. I couldn’t agree more.

Microsoft: Everybody Else is Doing it
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Microsoft is tracking your data.

But so are Google and Yahoo!, as they are so quick to point out when confronted by the House.

A classic example of the "but everybody else is doing it" excuse that they taught us in D.A.R.E. in elementary school.

The drug of choice for search giants is not crack or pot though. It is ad-targeting – learning about you so they can fill your screen with advertisements from companies whose profits would be in their own best interest.

Twitter Congress Controversy

The New York Times, tomorrow, has an article about the controversy over using Internet communications tools like Qik and Twitter and whether they should be allowed to be used by members of Congress.

The new press conference

Security Issues Discovered at TSA Site

In what should be a warning to travelers and just about everyone on the Internet, a web site built for the TSA has been found to have significant security issues, endangering travelers, as well as the reputat

Big Brother Wants Your Email Access

A disturbing report via National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell says Big Brother (that’s the US government and its NSA if you haven’t been keeping up) wants access to any email, file transfer and Web search. Their main ally so far in the security game: AT&T.

Mobile Resources Go To The Feds

The mobile web is not just the playground for big Internet firms like Yahoo and Google. The federal government has access to its resources available to mobile browsers too.

Google Asks Feds For Better Document Access

The numerous agencies of the federal government possess thousands of documents and pieces of information that can’t be found by Google’s crawlers.